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Kakk is a Demon Lord and a comrade of Etrigan's. He was Master of Hell's armies during the rule of the Satanic Triumvirate.

After Prince Etrigan's coup successfully dissolved the Satanic Triumvirate, Hell fell into chaos and its forces were not unified. It remained like this for several years until the Archangel of War, Karrien Excalibris invaded the Inferno in an attempt to claim the Crown of Horns and restore order. Hell was outnumbered and outclassed by the angel host that advanced on the gates of Hell. It was Lord Kakk, along with Morax, Bloodklott, Poppinjay and Baytor, who convinced a dejected Etrigan to lead what was left of Hell's forces against the divine aggressors. Kakk, with Etrigan in command, acted as sergeant leading Sleazy Co. In the initial onslaught, Hell did it's best to hold the line but overwhelming odds justified Kakk's suggestion to retreat to the city of Dis.[1]

During the night, Etrigan crossed enemy lines alone in an act of guerrilla tactics, quietly killing roosting angels. In his long absence, and the apparent desertion of Bloodklott and Baytor, Morax grew pessimistic. Though Kakk assured him they had potential, even his moral was deflated.[2] Fortunately, Bloodklott and Bator were away rescuing the mutilated Etrigan who was captured and tortured. Regrouping at the Tower of Dis, they vowed to make their last stand there.[3] At dawn, the angels surrounded the castle. Kakk tried to reason with Etrigan as he stepped out to face Karrien alone, to no avail, as Kakk witnessed the archangel impale the demon on his flaming sword. Kakk himself was fending of Karrien in battle when Etrigan once again appeared, this time with the Crown of Horns.

Etrigan defeated Karrien with ease before dropping the crown and walking away. There was a moment of confusion until Lord Kakk was nominated to claim the honour, to which he replied, "I'm telling you: anyone wanting to wear that crown would have to be a complete and total lunatic." He then encouraged Baytor to become the new King of Hell.[4]


Several years later, Kakk once again met up with Etrigan who required the Crown of Horns. Kakk accompanied him to Baytor's castle, informing him that the power of the crown had amplified his madness, and that he was sovereign of Hell in name only. When they reached the castle where Baytor stood aloft, screaming his name, Etrigan called out to the mad king. His insanity was so far gone that he attacked his visitors with his demonic vomit. Etrigan dived out of the way, but Kakk was coated in the deadly fluid and crumbled to dust.[5]




  • As a demon, Lord Kakk is presumably vulnerable to holy powers and artifacts such as holy water or the Ace of Winchesters. Demons are known to be vulnerable to iron.


  • Military Jeep



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