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Superman, Jr. is the son of Superman. Together with Batman, Jr., he forms the Super-Sons.


Kal-El, Jr. was the half-human son of Superman and Lois Lane. During his early childhood, he became good friends with Bruce Wayne, Jr., the son of Batman.[1] When they were young boys, they were blamed and punished for several mischievous acts that were apparently perpetrated by them. However, Kal Jr and Bruce Jr managed to reveal that the people responsible for the bad capers were in fact Mxyzptlk, Jr. and Bat-Mite, Jr. and their names were cleared.[2]


As he grew older, Kal-El, Jr. had to change his name in order to keep his and his father's secret identity. His new name was Clark Kent, Jr and this change caused troubles in his late teen years. Expressing his own sense of teenage rebellion, Clark Kent, Jr. resisted his father's heroic legacy to discover his own sense of self. Trying to become something more than just the son of a superhero, Clark Jr. along with his best friend, Bruce Wayne, Jr., started the superhero team known as "Super Sons" and their first mission, in which they stopped a crime lord in Sparta City, was successful.[3]

After this, the Super-Sons started traveling across the country, solving various crimes and mysteries such as hidden communities and ghost towns.[4][5]

The Super-Sons eventually learned that their whole existence was a lie and that they were merely a computer simulation from one of Superman's computers in the Fortress of Solitude. They managed to break out of the computer into the real world, but their presence became a threat to the world and they chose to be destroyed in order to save Earth.[6]


As the son of a human and a Kryptonian, Kal-El, Jr. inherited some of his father's powers. These include:

  • Flight[2] (Formerly): As a kid, Kal Jr, could easily fly, but in his teenage years, he was no longer capable of flying and he could only leap one hundred miles.
  • Superhuman Strength[2]
  • Invulnerability: Unlike his father, Kal-El, Jr.'s skin was bruised when hit by bullets, but it didn't cause serious harm. He could also withstand explosions, which would only stun him for a brief time.[3]




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