Born Kal-El of Krypton, Clark Kent grew up to be the hero known as Superman.

During the Black Light Event, he was injured and failed to prevent the collapse of a massive dam in the western United States. Traumatized by the loss of numerous lives he failed to save, he succumbed to depression and alcoholism, and lost his marriage to Lois Lane, followed by his cohabitation with Wonder Woman.

Frustrated with the changes in his life, and his struggles with alcohol addiction, he sought refuge in a homeless shelter, followed by living off the land in a distant cabin outside of Metropolis. He was invited back home by a visit from Martian Manhunter, and decided to return.

Following his return home, he discovered that Diana was expecting his child, in addition to his being able to get a new job at the Daily Planet, where he gets assigned to the trial of the recently captured and incarcerated Lex Luthor. Shortly after his return, he and Diana decided to marry and raise the child together. Two years later, as Clark and Diana embrace at home, their child manifests super powers.



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