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Quote1 People look to you for hope. That's what Superman does. He inspires. You inspire me and the boys every day, and it's not because you can fly or because you're strong. It's because of your heart. Quote2
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Kal-El, known by his human name Clark Kent, is a farmer and former reporter who secretly operates as the famous superhero called Superman.

A new home

Dylan Kingwell Mug 2

Young Clark in Smallville

Kal-El was born to a Kryptonian scientist named Jor-El and his wife Lara Lor-Van, who had previously been selected as the match for another scientist named Zeta-Rho, but decided to leave him when she fell in love with Jor-El. Kal-El was unique among Kryptonians due to his natural birth, while others were created artificially through genetic engineering using DNA samples of two people.[1]

When the natural resources of Krypton reached the point, it caused the eruption of a full-scale war. Jor-El correctly predicted that the planet was doomed and decided to send his son to the planet called Earth.[2] The Kryptonian pod containing the infant Kal-El crash-landed in the fields of the Kent Farm in Smallville, and was soon discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent. The Kent Family decided to adopt him and took him to their home, naming him "Clark Kent".[1]

Clark started exhibiting powers at a young age, demonstrating it first when he punctured the wooden wall of his house by throwing a toy rocket at it. Jonathan and Martha helped him to control his powers and grow accustomed to them. Clark came to enjoy his life in the town, and developed feelings for his schoolmate Lana Lang whom he dated. Jonathan forbade him for playing in the baseball team when he was in ninth grade due to his powers, but Clark decided to try out anyway, before backing off upon realizing he was only doing it to impress Lana.[3] Clark learnt the importance of helping people selflessly from the Smallville Harvest Festival, where people donated things for others in need. Jonathan however forbade him from taking to vigilantism for his safety.[4]

Jonathan died of a heart attack when Clark was still a teen.[1] Clark started feeling lost and disregarding his dad's rules, stopping criminals as a vigilante whenever he had the chance. His loner behavior caused Lana to break with him and she started dating Kyle Cushing. Martha realized that Clark needed to find his own path after his outburst over her trying to stop him and gave him the Sunstone crystal Jonathan had retrieved from his pod. Clark left Smallville and eventually ended up at Fortress of Solitude.[4] The A.I. programmed to act like Jor-El helped Clark to learn that he was different due to being a Kryptonian on Earth, and thus it granted him unique powers due to the energy of its yellow Sun. Clark trained at the Fortress of Solitude and learnt to fly as an adult, after which the AI sent him on his way, telling him he was destined for great things. He soon decided to move to Metropolis in order to become a hero and save people.[1]

Life in Metropolis

Kal-El Arrowverse Earth-38 0005

Superman in his first costume.

After moving to Metropolis, Clark took Jor-El's advice to heart and donned a suit made by Martha while becoming the world's first "superhero". His first heroic act was to save a boy from being crushed by a falling car, while simultaneously saving its occupants. He soon took up a job of a reporter at the Daily Planet in order to hide his identity, and met his future wife Lois Lane there. Lois was initially unimpressed by his awkward demeanor he used as a disguise, but soon grew close to him as they worked on the case of a neo-Nazi targeting minority establishments.[1] Clark discarded his original suit sometime later and started wearing a Kryptonian suit that was capable of fixing itself automatically.[5]

Mechanical Monsters (Arrowverse, Superman and Lois

Superman vs the Mechanical Monsters

As his relationship with Lois grew deeper, Clark revealed who he really was to her and took her to meet Martha. He eventually proposed to her at the Fortress of Solitude and she agreed, with the couple becoming parents to the twins named Jordan Kent and Jon Kent. While Jon grew up to have a happy life and was easy to rear, Jordan on the other hand showed erratic behavior, causing him to be diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. Clark kept his powers and the fact that he was Superman hidden from them till they were 14.[1]

Clark continued with his superhero and journalist career, while simultaneously raising his teenage boys with Lois. He also gave emergency locator transmitters to Lois and her father General Sam Lane in order to call him if they needed help. Shortly before Martha's death, John Henry Irons of another universe, who was also the husband of Lois Lane of his universe, going under the codename 'Captain Luthor", successively ruptured the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station and another nuclear plant to test him and get his attention. Clark was able to prevent meltdowns at both sites but was unaware that Irons was secretly watching him, with the lead encasements at the plant preventing him from spotting Irons.[1]

Returning home after saving the plant, Clark was encouraged to reveal their true heritage to his sons by Lois, but chose not to since he thought it would be dangerous. While returning to Metropolis after helping out as Superman, he heard Martha call out to him in order to tell him that it was time to return home. He however quickly found himself fired from his job by Sam Foswell, the new editor-in-chief who took over from Perry White after Lara and Zeta-Rho's son Tal-Rho, who went under the guise of the billionaire "Morgan Edge", bought out the Daily Planet. As he talked to Lois about the situation, he received a call from Dr. Frye about Martha and rushed to the Kent Farm to find she had died of a stroke.[1]

Moving back home

Superman & Lois TV Series Episode Pilot 001

Clark and his family at Martha's funeral

During Martha's funeral, Clark and Lois learnt from Lana and her husband Kyle that Edge had purchased the local Shuster Mines, causing them to grow suspicious. Jordan and Jon meanwhile went with Lana and Kyle's daughter Sarah Cushing to reset the internet router nailed up high on a beam of the barn, but Jordan slipped on the pipes while trying to reach it. Jon tried to shield him as the pipes fell on him, with the two only suffering mild concussions due to Jordan's invulnerability. General Lane later arrived at the farm that night to help him get the saboteur targeting the nuclear plants and leaving Kryptonese markings for Clark, but Lois told him that he needed to be with his family at the moment and the situation could wait, to which Clark agreed.[1]

The next day, Clark learnt from Lana that Martha had signed her farm over to the Smallville Community Bank five years earlier due to the farming crisis making it hard for others to be able to meet the costs of living, and the bank was entitled to taking over ownership of the house following her death. Jordan however went with Jon to investigate the barn as he had grown suspicious due to Clark quickly tossing over the pipes to rescue them, and found the rocket that had brought Clark to Earth in a cellar. Upon Jordan's touch, the rocket gave the Sunstone crystal containing the Jor-El A.I. to him.[1]

As she returned home with Clark, Lois decided to investigate Lana's bank as she found the loans suspicious. Jordan and Jon confronted the two, forcing him to come clean. While wondering what to do with the boys being upset at him, Clark heard that the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant was being targeted. Clark was finally confronted by Irons in an armored suit there but soon found himself overpowered. As Irons flew off from the facility, Clark chased him to Shanghai where he was ambushed before Irons escaped. Clark went into the stratosphere to see where Irons had gone and was attacked again, with Irons gaining the upper hand and stabbing him with Green Kryptonite, the radioactive remnants of Krypton which weakened him.[1]

While falling back to the ground, Clark awoke while remembering Lois and hearing her call out to him, allowing him enough time to take out the Kryptonite and stop himself from crashing into the ground. He quickly went to the Shuster Mines and learnt that Jordan had accidentally used his heat vision while he and Jon were being beaten up by Sean Smith and his friends for kissing Sean's girlfriend Sarah. Realizing that their hectic lifestyle was taking a toll on their family, Clark understood that Martha wanted him to move with his family to Smallville so they would have more time for each other. He and Lois decided to buy the house back from Lana and Lois told her that Edge had bought her bank for some reason too. Clark meanwhile decided to take up farming for a living and promised to be there for Jordan.[1]

The Stranger

Jordan Kent Arrowverse Superman & Lois 004

Clark and Jordan in the Fortress of Solitude

After moving to Smallville, Clark and Lois forbade Jordan from attending school until he learnt to control his powers. This further upset Jordan and made Clark grow despondent again as he had moved his family there in order to connect more with them, but Lois told him to not lose hope. The next day Clark took Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude, teaching him about Krypton and hoping the Jor-El A.I. could help his son just like it helped him with his powers. The A.I. was pleased to learn about Jordan's latent powers, seeing him as the hope for survival of Kryptonian heritage.[2]

After Clark returned and talked with Lois about what happened, Sam came to the farm to talk about Irons. Lois decided to take Jordan and Jon to the City Council meeting regarding Edge's investment proposal so they wouldn't be freaked out, while Sam informed him about Irons attacking a weapon trafficking centre in Moldova the previous night though they had managed to tag the ship he bought there with a resonance identifier in order to trace it if went airborne again. Before he left, Sam questioned why Clark brought the family there when it would be difficult for them to move, realizing he had told Jon and Jordan that he was Superman. As he berated him for it, telling him it would ruin the boys' childhood, he learnt from Lieutenant Reno Rosetti that Irons' ship had been tracked to Mongolia.[2]

Clark rushed after Irons and managed to overpower him due to his damaged suit, before being forced to go after his ship he had routed to Metropolis since it could take out the whole city. Clark managed to take the ship into space in time, but this allowed Irons to escape again. The next day, Clark told all that had occurred with Sam and learnt that she was investing into Edge, which he tried to unsuccessfully dissuade her from. Clark took Jordan to the Fortress again but was told that Jordan would never posses powers to the extent he had due to his human genes. After returning home, Jon and Jordan got into an argument but Lois made them get dressed for the barbecue Lana had invited them to.[2]

While he talked to Lois how Edge had changed Lois' article exposing him, Clark learnt that Irons was attacking the Department of Defense facility run by Sam and attacked the man while he was warning him about what Superman could do. He managed to take the suit down, but found that it was being remotely operated, later learning from Sam that Irons had targeted the facility because he had stored nearly all of the available Kryptonite in the world there to protect him. Returning home, he encouraged Lois to continue her quest against Edge and allowed Jordan to go to school, giving him an ELT in case he needed him, while also attending Jon's football practice to grow closer to him.[2]

New troubles

Jordan Kent Arrowverse Superman & Lois 005

Clark protects Jordan

Jordan soon decided to join the football team despite Clark telling him to not use his powers, since he wanted to teach Sean and his friends a lesson for constantly bullying him. Clark soon learnt about this from Lana and forbade him from playing again, causing Jordan to become upset and telling him the hoped he would go back to being an absent father again. Jon however convinced Clark to let him, since football made him happy and he was making friends, reasoning that his powers would be pointless if he couldn't use them. Clark soon rescued Lois and Sharon Powell from David Fuglestad, who had been imbued with the consciousness and powers of a Kryptonian, while Lois was investigating the disappearance of Sharon's son Derek who worked for Edge. Clark later joined the football team as an errand-boy so he could spend more time with his sons.[3]

Sam realized that Jordan had gained powers after seeing him take down everyone he tackled during his football game, criticizing Lois and Clark for hiding it and letting him play, claiming Clark's priorities were changing. Clark rushed home upon hearing their argument and stated that they could handle it, but Sam stated that he was keeping the military calm despite them panicking when he moved out of Metropolis, while the criminals in the city itself were becoming more bold due to his absence. He told Clark to escort the convoy transporting Thaddeus Killgrave, who had become radicalized in past due to his hatred for Superman, due to the government fearing that the Metropolis Penitentiary would be targeted. Clark rejected, stating that he wanted to spend time with family and would only show up if needed. While coaching his sons, he told Jon not to worry about Jordan getting the attention since he could still help the team, before Lois asked him to come speak against Edge's proposal during the town vote as he had threatened to sue her if she tried to publish an article exposing him, to which he agreed.[6]

Zod Arrowverse Superman & Lois 0001

Superman possessed by Zod

While attending Coach Gaines' team meeting, heard both Jon and Sam call out to him. Jon quickly took him to the school bathroom to check on Tag Harris who was acting suspicious, but Tag stated that he was fine. Clark then rushed to Metropolis upon learning that Killgrave was escaping but was only able to find a drone with a voice recorder left behind, telling him that they'll meet again soon. Clark tried to look for him but this caused him to meet the vote and he attempted to Lois but she rebuffed him, feeling she was becoming less important for him. The military soon found that Killgrave was at Glemorgan Square in Metropolis, but it turned out to be an ambush, with Killgrave overloading his senses with a sonic cannon. Clark got back up upon hearing Jon call out to him and knocked Killgrave and his fellow Intergang members out with a thunderous clap. Rushing to Smallville, he saw Tag vibrating wildly and took him high up into the air to make him unconscious.[6]

Learning later that Sam had told his sons to not call him, Clark criticized and argued him over the responsibility of being Superman. Lois berated Sam for only prioritizing his work and trying to make Clark do the same, warning he would not be welcome in the house, causing him to leave. The next day Clark set up an impromptu date night with Lois in order to make up for missing their dates in past. Sam however soon called him and asked him to come to Malawi for a situation, with Lois allowing him to go. Sam meanwhile soon told Rosetti to set up Project 7734 as a contingency plan to take down Superman using Kryptonite weapons if he went rogue.[6]

Superman & Lois TV Series Episode What Lies Beneath 001

Superman and his family meets Natalie Irons

During the day of the Smallville Harvest Festival, Derek mysteriously returned and claimed that he had suffered amnesia, but Lois and Chrissy recognized he was lying. While donating for the festival with Sharon, Derek accidentally set the Smallville Community Center due to his unstable powers on fire but Clark put it out, although Derek disappeared again. Irons started stalking Lois in order to get to Superman and convinced her to investigate Edge along with her while pretending to be a Reuters reporter named Marcus Bridgewater. Jon meanwhile got into an argument with Clark due to losing all his friends. Chrissy soon found out that Derek was with Edge's assistant Leslie Larr and she was using the Eradicator on him. Clark arrived there, before Derek flew away and he was forced to chase him. Irons brought them both to the ground using a missile, but Derek's body was destroyed before Clark could restrain him. Clark later reconciled with Jon and asked him to try giving Smallville some time.[4]

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The Inverse Society

Facing Intergang

Luthor Returns




  • Lead: Superman cannot see through lead with his vision powers unless a person is close to a lead wall.[1]
  • Solar Energy Dependency: Superman's abilities will eventually weaken without replenishing his energy reserves with normal (yellow) sun radiation. When exposed to the same red solar radiation as Krypton's red sun Rao, it causes him to lose his powers and stamina within a large amount of exposure until exposure to yellow sunlight reverses this effect.


  • Sunstone (Formerly): A Kryptonian crystal containing the A.I. designed to replicate his father Jor-El.
  • Superman's Costume: Clark's original suit was made by Martha, his current suit is a Kryptonian fabric that is capable of fixing any tearing it suffers on its own.[5]
  • Black vigilante suit: (Formerly) The suit Clark used when he was a young vigilante in Smallville.



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