Superman is the cousin of Supergirl and helped her when she was dstranded on Earth.

Born on the alien world of Krypton, young Clark Kent was rocketed to Earth moments before his home planet was destroyed. On Earth, he grew up to become the super-hero known as Superman. Under a yellow sun, Superman developed enhanced senses and overly developed physical attributes including superhuman strength and the power to fly. While protecting his adoptive home, Superman fought against villains such as Lex Luthor. In one circumstance, Lex was wearing a highly advanced battle-suit and nearly defeated Superman if not for the unexpected arrival of Superman's Kryptonian cousin Kara. Kara's rocket crash-landed on top of Luthor, disabling his battle-suit.

Superman was overjoyed to meet his cousin, whose arrival on Earth was completely unintentional. She asked him to help her return to her home on the surviving Kryptonian moon known as Argo City. Superman confessed that he did not possess the resources to send her back, but he did agree to help her adapt to life on Earth. He provided her with the cover identity of Linda Lee and enrolled her in public school.

Superman later cobbled together a long-range radio and presented it to Kara as a present. Although she was stranded on Earth, she could at least communicate with her parents back on Argo City.




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