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The Superman of Earth-Twelve was more or less identical to his counterpart on Earth-One, but more prone to running into bumbling heroes like Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, and the Inferior Five.

When Jerry Lewis accidentally launched a prototype spacecraft into outer space, he saw Superman flying alongside briefly.[1]

Once, when Superman was changing clothes in a phone booth, he was interrupted by the monstrous Ichabod C. Hideous (who was looking for a safe place to transform back into Bob Hope)[2]

When Jerry Lewis gained magical powers, he considered transforming himself into "the most super guy alive", but Superman showed up and told Lewis "I'm not trying to muscle in on your funny market - so stay out of my super market!" Lewis did not become a superhero.[3]

Superman was among a group of superheros who visited rock star Scooter to get his autograph.[4]

Luthor came up with a scheme to defeat Superman: Build a robot so tough that it would take Superman several days to defeat it, and when defeated the robot would explode and impregnate Superman's uniform with kryptonite dust. The kryptonite would slowly weaken and eventually kill Superman, but Superman would attribute the symptoms to exhaustion until it was too late. The plan initially worked, but when Superman (as Clark Kent) was interviewing supposed "typical pre-teen" Renfrew, Renfrew lit Kent's clothes on fire, and then soaked them. When Kent removed his clothes (and the super-suit underneath), he slowly started to recover. However, Renfrew's uncle Jerry Lewis found the super-suit and couldn't help but put it on, making him a target for Luthor, who located the suit via a kryptonite tracker and concluded Lewis was Superman. After more complications, Superman recovered his full powers, rescued Lewis, captured Luthor, decontaminated his costume, and left Earth for a short vacation fighting space monsters, which was preferable to dealing with Renfrew any more.[5]

When aliens with "evil eye" powers invaded Earth, Superman was not able to respond immediately because he was tending to his new pet space dragon Stanley. However, after the Inferior Five were not only unable to stop the aliens, but also prevented the Kookie Quartet, Sub-Moron and Cobweb Kid from doing so, Superman arrived and ended the invasion single-handedly, in secret.[6]

Superman returned from a space trip with some rock samples to study, but one of the rocks fell out of his cape pouch over Plainsville, where it grew into a rampaging green monster who started kidnapping people. Superman went to Plainsville as Clark Kent, and when the monster reappeared he entered a phone booth to change into Superman. However, Scooter, Sylvester and five other people (and a dog) also chose that phone booth to hide in, leaving Kent no room to change his clothes. When they all extracted themselves from the booth, the monster was gone, and Sylvester was wearing Superman's costume! Knowing that one of the other people in the booth must be the real Superman and not wanting to jeopardize Superman's secret ID, Sylvester pretended to be Superman. The real Superman (who had retrieved another costume) then had to secretly protect Sylvester until the monster reappeared. When the monster kidnapped Sylvester, Superman was able to follow it to its mountaintop lair, rescue everyone, restore the monster to a rock, and retrieve his costume. Sylvester, now without clothing, hid in a nearby cave until he emerged wearing a Batman costume he found![7]


Seemingly those of the Superman of Earth-One