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Kal-El is a direct descendant of England's tyrannical King Gar-El.

In 1976, Kal is being educated by a private tutor when he begins to question his ancestor's rule by reasoning that the world lives in fear of him. His tutor warns against such thoughts, but a friend of Kal's interrupts the lesson to invite him to The Daily Planet to smash their presses. Kal agrees, and watches as a group of soldiers destroy the small newspaper facility. Kal saves a woman called Lois Lane from rape at the hands of his friends, reasoning that they are here to destroy printing presses and nothing else. Kal's friend is enraged at this and sends the newspaper's owner Peregrine White to the stocks for lashings despite Kal's advising against it. The lashings leave White dead. Kal tries to comfort Lane, but she punches him in the face and storms off, leaving Kal to question his role in society. Kal then approaches his ancestor Gar-El for guidance, and accuses his grandfather of not caring for his subjects, and that he brought order at the cost of personal liberty. Gar-El warns Kal that his human side may be his undoing. A year passes, and Kal finds himself at a tavern called the Pig and Whistle where he searches for a mysterious man called "L". After being "shooed" away without help. outside, Kal is mugged and awakens tied to a chair in the presence of masked men. They threaten to kill him but are interrupted by The girl from the daily planet, who inquires as to why he wants to see "L", and Kal claims that he wants to join the rebellion against his grandfather. Kal tells them of a secret weapon hidden beneath his ancestor's castle. Lois accompanies him to makes sure that he is true with the rebellion. Inside the Kryptonite's chamber, Lois challenges Kal to prove his allegiance to them by taking the rock out of its box. Kal is then revealed to be immune to the radioactive piece of his ancestral homeworld, and they bring it back to The rebellion headquarters, where Kal is then allowed to meet "L", who is revealed to be Lois Lane. Kal then approaches his ancestor and barricades them in his chamber where he speaks with the earth's ruler to tell him that he should have let Krypton die rather than try to force its legacy on another planet. As The King responds, soldiers shoot Kal-El in the side of the head. When the Kryptonite Kal had is discovered, Gar sees the error of his ways and gives Kal an honorable burial in the core of the Earth's Sun.