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Quote1 I've changed. I'm wearing my father's shield now. And I've worked hard to give people a symbol of hope. Something that they can believe in, that will inspire them. I am the shield. Quote2
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Clark Kent (born Kal-El) was a survivor of the destroyed planet Krypton, who lived in the town of Smallville on Earth. In adulthood, he became the hero Superman.

Early Life

As an infant, Kal-El's parents placed him in a spaceship and sent him to Earth, to save him from the destruction of Krypton. The boy arrived on Earth in October 1989 and was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who adopted him and named him "Clark Kent".[11]

Within a few years, Clark had begun to display amazing feats of strength and speed.[12][13] This caused some concerns for his adoptive parents, who couldn't let the boy be in playgroups, out of concern that he might injure the other children. While his childhood was mainly a happy one, the restrictions that his parents put down made the boy feel like he was being punished for having these abilities.[14]

Despite the restrictions, Clark managed to befriend some kids in Smallville, like Pete Ross and Greg Arkin and later Chloe Sullivan.[15][11] He also developed a crush on Lana Lang. However, because of her wearing a necklace made out Green Kryptonite, he couldn't go anyway near her.[11] Not being able to be near her, Clark created a fantasy image of her, as the perfect girl, in his head. An image that he would refuse to let go off for many years.[16][17]

Season One

In the fall of 2001, Clark enrolled at Smallville High School. Clark's life soon began to take some unexpected turns. Going home from school one day, Clark was run over by Lex Luthor. Much to Clark's surprise, he wasn't injured from being hit by a fast-moving car. This incident prompted Jonathan to reveal the truth to Clark about his origin: that Clark was from another planet. This reveal scared Clark. Things only got worse, when Chloe revealed to him that the meteors that had hit Smallville, on the same day that Clark arrived, had killed Lana's parents and was mutating people in Smallville. Because of this, Clark began to blame himself for the meteor shower and the death of Lana's parents.[11]

In secret, Clark began to use his powers to combat the threat of some of the people that had gained abilities from exposure to the meteor rocks.[15][14] However, he would, on occasion, encounter more benevolent people with metahuman abilities.[18][19] Even befriended a young telepathic boy named Ryan James.[20] Apart from his newfound invulnerability, Clark also began to develop a kind of x-ray vision.[21] He also struck up a troubled friendship with Lex Luthor. Which was a problem as Jonathan distrusted Lex, because of his father, but also because Lex was secretly investigating him. Lex was convinced that Clark possessed powers.[11][22]

Season Two

After a tornado hit Smallville, Clark's spaceship went missing. It was later found by Pete, which lead to Clark having to reveal his secret to him. At first, Pete was upset. Not because Clark was an alien, but that he hadn't trusted him. However, the two quickly resolved their differences.[12] Pete even became Clark's sort-of side kick. Even helping him and his parents, after Clark was affected by a previously unknown red variety of meteor rock.[23] Clark also began to develop a new ability: heat vision. Which proved quite difficult, as he would randomly set things on fire. But, with the help of Jonathan, Clark soon came to master this ability.[24]

Not long after, Clark was reunited with Ryan James, whom he saved from the Summerholt Neurological Institute, where they were conducting experiments on the boy (Clark's own worst fear). Tragically, while Clark had been able to save Ryan from Summerholt, he couldn't save Ryan himself. Mere days later, Clark learned that Ryan was dying from a brain tumor. Despite all his attempts, Clark couldn't save him, and Ryan passed away.[25]

Clark began to find clues to his origin when he came across the Kawatche Caves.[26] He later inserted the key, from his spaceship, into the wall of the cave and it uploaded the entire Kryptonian language into Clark's mind. This lead to an encounter with Dr. Virgil Swann, who revealed to Clark that his birth name was "Kal-El" and that he came from a planet called Krypton. However, Clark soon came to fear his origins, as his biological father had left Clark a message inside of the ship, where he told the boy to "rule them with strength". Which Clark misinterpreted as him having been sent there to conquer Earth.[27][28]

Approaching his 16th birthday, it looked like he was going to finally start a relationship with Lana. But, this was interrupted by the appearance of Jor-El, who told him that it was time for him to leave Smallville. Reacting out of fear, Clark blew up his spaceship. Unfortunately, causing a shockwave, that injured his adopted parents and caused Martha to suffer a miscarriage. As a result, Clark ran away and went to Metropolis.[29][30]

Season Three

Three months later, Clark returned to Smallville, after Jor-El had granted Jonathan the powers needed to bring him back.[31] However, this badly affected Jonathan's health. Later resulting in Jonathan suffer a heart attack, which Clark blamed himself for.[32][33]

Clark's life also became more complicated, after Lex had set out to prove that Lionel Luthor, his father, had killed his grandparents. This resulted in Lex being locked up at Belle Reve and learning his secret. Clark had planned to save him, but was stopped by three criminals, that he had put away in the past. As a result, Clark failed to help Lex, who had the last few weeks of his life erased.[34]

Shortly after that, Clark developed a superhuman hearing. Because of this new ability, Clark learned that his friend, Chloe, had been spying on him for Lionel Luthor.[35] However, he eventually forgave her. Clark also tried to enter a relationship with Alicia Baker, a metahuman, thinking it'd be easier than trying to date someone without powers. However, Alicia quickly proved unstable and Clark had to prevent her, from killing Lana.[36]

As summer was approaching, Clark encountered a young woman, who identified herself as "Kara" and claimed to be from Krypton, who wanted him to come with her. Thinking that his human friends had betrayed him, Clark agreed and entered another dimension, through a portal in the Kawatche Caves.[37]

Season Four

Three months later, Jor-El released Clark, who was returned to Smallville and was found by Lois Lane, a cousin of Chloe. Having been altered by Jor-El, Clark set out to find three stones of knowledge. However, Clark was returned to normal, after Martha used black Kryptonite on him.[38]

Despite that, Clark soon found himself drawn into a global hunt for the stones.[39] At school, Clark joined the football team, something that he had thought about, since his freshman days. However, he would ultimately quit, out of concern that he'd be tempted to use his powers on the field.[40][41]

Clark also made an important encounter. While in Metropolis, he encountered Bart Allen, a teenager with super speed, who hadn't gained it from meteor rock. Clark befriended him and managed to get him to give up his criminal ways.[42] Later, Alicia came back into his life, having been cured of her mental problems and Clark once more tried to enter a relationship with her. However, the relationship quickly got into problem, after Alicia, because of her past, was wrongfully accused of attacking Lana and her new boyfriend. She begged him to reveal his powers, convinced that it would show others that not all metahumans are back, but Clark couldn't do it. Tragically, Alicia was then killed by the real attacker.[43][44]

On the day of his graduation, Clark learned that a second meteor shower was going to hit Smallville. Urged by Jor-El, Clark brought together all three stones of knowledge, which combined into a single crystal and Clark was teleported to the Arctic Circle.[45]

Season Five

In the Arctic, the crystal of knowledge formed the Fortress of Solitude. Inside, Jor-El alerted him about a great danger having come to Earth and urged him to train, to be ready to combat it and save the Earth. However, when Clark had been teleported there, he had unknowingly brought Chloe with him and revealed that she knew his secret. As she was about to freeze to death, Clark asked Jor-El to let him bring her to a doctor. However, it was on the condition, that Clark would return before sunset. However, Clark ended up being distracted by the disaster in Smallville and the appearance of two Kryptonians, that he missed the deadline and Jor-El removed his powers.[46]

At first, Clark was filled with joy. As far as he was concerned, he was now human and could be with Lana.[47] However, in his mortal state, while still driven to help others, Clark ended up getting himself shot and died. Jor-El was able to revive him, and restored his powers, but it came with a price: a life, for a life.[48] Because of this, Lana was later killed. Clark convinced Jor-El to let him try and correct this and was sent back in time. However, while Clark was able to prevent Lana's death, Jonathan ended up dying instead.[49] Blaming himself, Clark dropped out of college for the rest of the semester and devoted himself fulltime towards running the farm.[50]

Not long after, Clark ended his relationship with Lana.[51] He also discovered that Lionel knew his secret.[52] Apart from these two developments, Clark found himself having to combat the threat of Brainiac, who was trying to release General Zod from the Phantom Zone. Using Lex, Brainiac was able to manipulate Clark into releasing Zod, who took over Lex's body and banished Clark to the Phantom Zone.[53]

Season Six

After arriving in the Zone, Clark encountered Raya, who had been Jor-El's assistant on Krypton. With her help, Clark was able to escape the Phantom Zone and returned to Earth. He confronted Zod and managed to return Zod's phantom to the Phantom Zone.[54]

However, Clark's escape had come at a cost. Several beings imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, had managed to escape with him and Clark now found himself tasked with stopping them.[55] In Seattle, an escapee named Aldar managed to overpower him and nearly kill him. However, Clark was saved by J'onn J'onzz, who later revealed himself to have been a friend of Jor-El, who had watched over Clark from a distance, since his arrival on Earth.[56][57]

Escaped prisoners from the Phantom Zone wasn't the only problem, that Clark was facing. For years, Lex had been running a project to study metahumans, to create super soldiers. Briefly joining forces with Bart Allen (along with Oliver Queen, Victor Stone and Arthur Curry), to bring down one of the facilities used for the project. The others teamed up, to bring down the project for good. Clark wanted to help them but felt that he needed to handle to issue with the escaped prisoners first.[5]

When Clark was looking for the last escapee, Clark learned that Lana had been killed. Enraged, Clark went to confront Lex, but was himself confronted by the last phantom, who cloned Clark. However, with the help of J'onn J'onzz, Clark was able to defeat him.[57][58]

Season Seven

Clark's battle against the last phantom, had caused a nearby dam to break. This released a young Kryptonian woman, who had been at the bottom of the dam, since the first meteor shower. Confronting her, Clark learned that she was Kara Zor-El, his cousin. Jor-El ordered Clark to keep an eye on her, as her father, Zor-El, had been an evil man. So, Clark invited her to stay at the farm.[59]

Shortly afterwards, Lana turned up alive. Now knowing the truth about Clark, the two once more tried to enter a relationship.[60] However, after Clark had been manipulated by Zor-El, and nearly dooming all of mankind, Jor-El punished him by placing him in suspended animation.[61] When Clark was released, Clark learned that the last phantom had impersonated him for quite some time. Even living with Lana, without her being able to tell them apart.[62] Clark was deeply hurt, when she revealed that she had been happier with the phantom, than with Clark. Which caused a rift in their relationship.[17]

Lana was later placed into a coma, by Brainiac, who demanded that Kara come with him.[63] The two went back through time, where Brainiac planned to kill the infant Kal-El, erasing Clark from existence. Having blamed himself for everything for years, between the meteor showers, Jonathan's death and now Lana's condition, Clark was ready to let it happen. However, after Jor-El showed him that the meteor shower would've still have happened, without him, and that the world would be doomed without him, Clark went back in time and saved his younger self.[7]

Clark also learned new things about Lionel's past. That Lionel had been a member of Veritas, a secret society, that had created a cult around the "Traveler", whom the members were convinced was Clark. However, Lionel was soon murdered by Lex, after refusing to reveal the identity of the "Traveler". Apart from Lex, Clark was the only one, to attend Lionel's funeral.[64][63]

After Clark seemingly destroyed Brainiac, Lana was restored, but had vanished and left a message, asking him to not come looking for her. Mere hours later, Clark found himself confronting Lex at the Fortress, where Lex used an Orb against him. Which removed his powers and destroyed the Fortress.[65]

Season Eight

Clark managed to survive and was captured by Russians, who took him as a slave. Four weeks later, Clark was rescued by Oliver Queen. However, when Clark was fatally wounded, he was flown into the sun by J'onn J'onzz. Restoring his powers and saving his life. Returning to Kansas, Clark took a job as a reporter for the Daily Planet and began to fight crime on the streets of Metropolis.[66][67]

However, his increased activities in Metropolis was starting to attract attention. After Henry James Olsen took a photo of Clark saving Lois at super speed, he began to suspect that Clark was the mysterious good Samaritan, that Olsen was convinced had been saving people in Metropolis. To throw Olsen off his scent, Clark arranged for Oliver Queen to impersonate the "Good Samaritan", while Clark was next to Olsen. This protected Clark's secret, but revealed to the world that there was someone with superhuman abilities, protecting the streets of Metropolis, whom the Daily Planet dubbed the "Red-Blue Blur".[8] Seeing the positive effect this was having on people, Clark began to make himself more visible. Slowing himself down, to make him appear on traffic cameras.[68]

Now working with Lois, Clark began developing feelings for her.[69][70] However, possibly brought on by a fear that his secret would ruin a relationship,[43] he was unsure about acting on his feelings. Clark and Lois were about to admit their feelings for each other, at Chloe's wedding, when Lana came back to town.[71] When Lana acquired powers of her own, Clark attempted to re-enter a relationship with her, but it was cut short by Lex forcing Lana to absorb a massive dose of green Kryptonite. Preventing the two from ever being near each other again. Clark wanted to kill Lex for this, but Oliver seemingly beat him to it.[72]

Shortly after that, Clark was forced to reveal himself publicly to the world as the Red-Blue Blur. However, after things was taken a darker turn, with Clark and everyone near him was facing the possibility of having to be on the run from the government for the rest of their lives, Clark used a Legion Ring, to go back in time and prevent the reveal. Having already learned years ago, that messing with the timeline always comes with a price, Clark destroyed the ring, to prevent him from ever doing it again.[73]

Lana hadn't been the only one to crash Chloe's wedding. During the reception, Clark was briefly confronted by and fought the Kryptonian monster, Doomsday.[71] A few months later, Clark learned that Doomsday was really Davis Bloome.[74] However, when Clark called in some other superheroes to help him defeat Doomsday, they double-crossed him, in a misguided attempt to keep Clark alive. This caused a disaster, with Doomsday running rampant on the streets of Metropolis and Henry James Olsen getting murdered. After Clark had defeated Doomsday, by burying him, he decided to give up his human life. All his life, he had thought that the Kryptonian side of him was the dangerous one, but now he felt that it was his humanity.[75]

Clark severed all connections to his former life and started training with Jor-El. Beginning to wear a black outfit, with the crest of the House of El, on his chest. A change that caused the media to simply call him "the Blur".[76]

Season Nine

Three weeks after the defeat of Doomsday, Clark found Lois (who had disappeared on the day of the battle), in Metropolis.[76] This lead to Clark beginning to return to his old life as Clark Kent and eventually starting to date Lois.[77]

However, he soon learned why Lois had disappeared. Finding a Legion Ring, she had been sent a year into the future, where mankind had been enslaved by Kryptonian clones, led by a clone of Zod. When Clark found the clones, including the one of Zod, he tried to help them adjust to human society, having been asked by a dying clone of Jor-El, to save Zod.[78][79]

Between his involvement with the clones and his activities as a superhero, Clark and the others were attracting the attention of Checkmate and representatives of an earlier generation of superheroes.[80][81] Like they had with the previous generation of costumed heroes, Checkmate wanted the Blur and his friends to work for them, but they all refused. Checkmate tried to come after them, but were blocked by the mysterious Red Queen, later revealed to be Martha Kent.[82]

When Martha was visiting her son, she revealed her dual identity and supplied him with a device, that would allow him to send the Kryptonians to another planet. Despite resistance from Zod's clone, Clark managed to convince the Kryptonians to let him send them to another planet, where they could make a new home for themselves.[83][10]

Season Ten

Unknowingly, when Clark had sent the Kryptonians to another planet, he had opened a rift, that allowed Darkseid to come to Earth.[28] Using a man named Gordon Godfrey, Darkseid began turning people against vigilantes like the Blur and caused the eventual passing of the Vigilante Registration Act.[84][85] The VRA caused Clark to come into conflict with the Suicide Squad, over how to handle the matter.[85] However, the VRA was eventually overturned.[86]

Even Clark's personal life got more complicated. Lois had suddenly taken an assignment in Africa, while Clark got saddled with a new partner at the Daily Planet, Cat Grant, who for a long time carried anti-vigilante views. But, Cat did inspire Clark to drop the all-black outfit and went back to the red and blue as the Blur.[87] After Lois returned from Africa, Clark revealed his secret to her and they were soon engaged.[88][89]

Right around the time that Darkseid appeared on Earth, Jor-El had warned Clark about the darkness within him. Jor-El even recruited Kara, to handle the threat of Darkseid, as he feared that Clark could be corrupted by Darkseid.[84] However, the darkness within Clark began to lift, following a time traveling encounter with Brainiac 5, where Clark got a glimpse of his own future. He was finally ready to let go of the guilt he had carried over the death of Jonathan and stopped worrying about his future.[90]

Darkseid wasn't his only concern. Clark learned of the existence of a Lex Luthor clone, who came after Clark and his mother.[86] The clone later lost Lex's memories and revealed himself to be a genetic mixture of Clark and Lex. Despite some hesitation, at first, Clark eventually welcomed the boy (now known as "Conner") into the family.[91] Clark also had to tangle with his own evil counterpart and a Lionel Luthor from Earth-2.[92][93]

Clark's life continued to change. His continued and extending presence as the Blur, caused concerns that his identity would be exposed. But, Clark resolved this by starting to wear glasses and adjust his behavior.[94] Making it impossible for anyone to think that Clark Kent could possibly be the Blur. After Martha gave him and Lois the farm, they decided to sell it and moved into an apartment in Metropolis.[93] In the end, they did not sell the farm.[90][95]

On the day of his wedding to Lois, the world learned about the approaching Apokolips, that was threatening to crash into the Earth. In his barn, Clark was confronted by Darkseid (now in possession of the body of the Lionel from Earth-2). However, during the battle Jor-El gave Clark a vision of the past ten years of his life. Clark realized that everything he had gone through, had been his trials. Clark was ready to seize his destiny. Now able to fly, he flew right through Lionel's possessed body and took out Darkseid. Going to the Fortress, Jor-El gave him the suit, that Martha had made Clark months before. Taking on the suit, Clark flew out of the Fortress and saved Air Force One, before flying into space and pushing Apokolips away. In the wake of this, the "Blur" was renamed "Superman" by the public.[96]

Season Eleven

About six months later, Clark changed to an improved suit, that dropped the red trunks and included lead-shielding in the crest, protecting him from Kryptonite bullets.[97] He continued living his double life, until Lex arranged for a trap, where his body was bombarded with radiation. The radiation was harmless to humans but allowed Lex to track Superman thanks to a satellite. This prevented Clark from returning to his normal life as Clark Kent, as it would've exposed his identity to Lex.[95] Clark was eventually cleaned off the radiation by Bart Allen, right before Bart sacrificed himself to kill the Black Flash.[98]

As Superman, Clark encountered new allies like Wonder Woman and Batman and had to fight Doomsday in the 31th Century, alongside the Legion.[99][100][101] After he fought Hades, alongside Wonder Woman, Clark made the choice to have Superman come out publicly as an alien. At first this was met with a degree of fear and concern by the public.[102]

Not long after, Clark found himself drafted into the Green Lantern Corps and had to fight Parallax and the Manhunters, alongside the rest of the Corps. The aftermath of the battle resulted in people no longer being drafted into the Corps, against their will. Returning Superman to his regular activities, while his ring was passed onto a new wearer.[103][104]

However, Parallax soon proved itself to not be the biggest threat Clark was facing. A race called the Monitors wanted to wipe out all realities in the Multiverse. However, when it came to Clark's reality, Lex had convinced the Monitors to simply reboot the universe. As this would still wipe everyone out, Clark lead a large alliance of superheroes, to fight against the Monitors. The Monitors blasted Clark with Blue Bleed, which they used to break down the universe, but Clark's willpower proved too strong. Not only was he able to fight back its effects but fired back the energy at the Monitors. With Tess, now an A.I., taking control of their ships and restoring the universe. Afterwards, Clark joined forces with six other superheroes and formed the Justice League, while the Monitors were safely locked away.[105][106][107][108]


Some time prior to 2017, Clark was exposed to black Kryptonite. An incident Lois described as a disaster. On October 14 2017, Clark prevented a robbery of a train, that was carrying one billion dollars in gold, to the U.S. Mint. The next day, Clark encountered his younger self from 2010. He told his younger self to go up to the roof and save Lois, while he himself rushed off to prevent an abandoned nuclear reactor from exploding and taking out the city.[90]

During these years, and some after, Lex continued being his greatest adversary. But, in the end, Clark is said to have triumphed over him.[81] Clark continued impacting and influencing the world for centuries. In the 31th Century, the tales of his heroism inspired a new generation of heroes, who formed the Legion.[109] According to a vision by Jordan Cross, Clark continued being Superman forever.[32]




  • Power Instability: As Clark draws his power from the sun, solar flares have been shown to cause his powers to fluctuate, resulting in him becoming stronger or weaker.[111]


Smallville Season 11 Continuity Vol 1 4 Textless

An adult Clark as Superman alongside his allies.

  • Clark Kent's legal birthday is May 3, 1987.[112][48][3]
  • Throughout the series, Clark was portrayed with brown hair.[11][113] For season 11, his hair was black, with flashbacks still showing the younger Clark with brown hair.[102] In 2018, Clark is also shown to have brown hair, in his civilian identity.[96] Giving Clark Kent a distinguishing characteristic from Superman.



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