Kaland'r was a Tamaranean priestess of X'Hal.

Kaland'r was once a member of a succeeding generation of Tamaraneans who attempted to follow their God, X'hal, after she left Tamaran after bringing it peace and stability. After years of strife amongst her comrades and scarcity of resources, Kaland'r lost her belief in her God but it was rekindled upon X'hal's visit to her people and she later became a high priestess of a new religion dedicated to spreading X'hal's blessings across the cosmos. She was eventually encountered by Kyle Rayner and Carol Ferris on a dilapidated world ravaged by war and heralded the coming of X'hal to heal the planet and its people. Upon the arrival of the Godkillers, Kaland'r fought to protect her God from their attack and was killed by the leader of the Godkillers, the First of the Free.



  • Leadership: Kaland'r was capable enough to lead an entire interstellar religious organization before her death



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