Kali Gari, the Dream Assassin, was an enemy of the Sandman during World War II. She was an Indian national who allied herself with Nazi Germany in hopes of undermining British rule of her home country.

On one occasion, Kali Gari attempted to have Wonder Woman and Hawkman kill each other, using her hallucinogenic gas to make each believe the other was a monster, but the Sandman interceded and brought them to their senses. Kali Gari then slipped away when a group of Nazi saboteurs attacked the heroes to cover her escape.[1]


  • Oneiromancy: Kali Gari possesses a psychic "third eye" that can project dreams into the minds of people affected by her narcoleptic mist.



  • Narcoleptic Mist: This gas induces a sleepwalking state that makes people susceptible to Kali Gari's psychic abilities.



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