Quote1 A technicality of his birth. As far as destiny and I are concerned, I have no son. Quote2
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Kalibak lived on Apokolips, and was the second son of Darkseid, who did not like him. Kalibak's entire life was centered on pleasing his father. He was also the brother of one of his greatest enemies, the New God Orion.


When Darkseid learned of Superman's existence on earth, he made plans to destroy him. Caliber offered to go to earth to destroy Superman for Darkseid, but Darkseid told him that Superman's death was too important to him for him to entrust it to Kalibak. Desaad later convinced Kalibak that Darkseid would be pleased with him if he went to earth and killed Superman. Kalibak went to earth, and faced Superman in the streets of Metropolis. They had a long fight, but Superman finally bested Kalibak, and threw him out of the city, and into the nearby wilderness. Caliber landed there, and a Boom Tube opened in front of him, and Darkseid stepped out, quite displeased that Kalibak disobeyed him. Superman arrived in time to watch Darkseid send Kalibak back to Apokolips with his Omega-Beams. Superman confronted Darkseid, but Darkseid merely blasted him with his Omega-Beams before leaving.[1]

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