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Under the orders of his father, Kalibak led an army of Parademons to attack LexCorp.

He was confronted by the Supermen, but retreated once the real Superman arrived.[1] He was sent back along with Darkseid's Elite and armed with electric gauntlets. With these upgrades, he was able to defeat the Supermen; however, they weren't as effective against Kal-El, who destroyed them and brought Kalibak to his knees. In retaliation, Kalibak kidnapped a young boy in Superman's care named Rafi.[2] Superman followed him to New Krypton where they fought again.[3] Kalibak's half-brother, Orion, arrived and knocked Kalibak out. Afterwards, he was taken to Granny Goodness' base.[4] When he came to, he found that Lois Lane and Superman had freed Rafi. He attempted to attack them only to be taken out by Big Barda and Mister Miracle.[5]







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