Kaliber claimed he was from the future and was sent back in time to protect Sofia Ramos, who would save his future, which was destroyed by the immortal Ra's al Ghul.[1] In truth, he was a former Markovian arms dealer, sent by Batman. He later met the Outsiders while trying to protect Sofia from Ishmael, a task in which he failed.[2]

He later accompanied the Outsiders to Gotham City. Black Lightning didn't trust him because of his past, but Kaliber told him he didn't have to prove anything to him and he only wanted to save Sofia.[3] Kaliber later betrayed the Oustiders, stating he had agreed to a deal by R'as before meeting them, while destroying the airplane they were travelling in.[4] Sofia however pushed herself and him out of the airplane after Black Lightning struck his arm.[5]

When Black Lightning and Lady Shiva went to Cambodia to have Martina Dementieva tell them about what R'as had purchased from her, they were confronted by Ishmael, Karma and Kaliber who shot Martina before she could reveal anything.[6] In the ensuing fight, Katana cut off his arm, but he detonated bombs set throughout the city they were in, in order to escape.[7]


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: Kaliber's body is covered in various cybernetics. Whether these cybernetics exist merely to replace damaged body parts or if they give Kaliber some kind of edge in combat as well is unknown.[1]



  • Shotgun: Kaliber seems to wield a common shotgun in combat.[1]
  • Kaliber when he debuted was a supposed pastiche of Cable and Ishmael was supposed to be a pastiche of Ahab. However, it was revealed that Kaliber was not in fact time traveler and that was a lie he made up.



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