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Kamandi is the Last Boy on Earth. Currently living in a doomed future, Kamandi works with the Tiger race and with other animals to survive in whatever's left of his homeworld.

The Kamandi Challenge

Kamandi lived in an average town with his grandmother, Iris. While in town, the sky caves in and Rats begin to invade the town and attack. A confused Kamandi witnesses the townspeople fight back, only to realize that they are all androids.[1]

While running back home, his grandmother tells him she understands the situation and transports him away. She is revealed to also be an android. Kamandi is then captured by subjects of Tiger City to fight in a Colosseum against Tiny. After winning, Kamandi is taken by Doctor Canus to be studied.[1]

Kamandi convinces Canus that he is intelligent and they both go sight-seeing in Tiger City. King Caesar returns and brings back a nuclear missle.[1]

While trying to find a way to escape, he finds the Mobius Chair. After many requests by Canus and Tuftan to not sit in it, Kamandi defies and sits anyway. While clinging onto a dangling Canus and Tuftan, they teleport out of Tiger City.[2]

Kamandi, Canus, and Tuftan are all now out of city limits in an unknown land. After walking for a bit, Manhunters approach them and subdue Canus and Tuftan. Kamandi forfeits his weapon so cease their fire, and then decides to jump off of the cliff to flee.[2]

Bats pick him up and take him to an old ship that is home to Captain Fritz of the God Watchers. They claim him to be the prohpet they've been waiting for. They give him a humanoid creation named Vila as food. They get attacked by more Bats and Kamandi and Vila flee.[3]

Justice/Doom War

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman all travel to the future where they meet Kamandi. They are the first humans he has seen in years. For two weeks, his world has been under Brainiac's control. After going to the demolished Hall of Justice, they travel to a different future to find the totality.[4]

After they freed the Justice Legion, they fight Brainiac One Million together.[5] Obvious signs of losing makes Kamandi go to a different Future to get help from their Justice League.[6]

After travelling to multiple futures, he gathers enough heroes to help fight against Brainiac.[7] After the battle, he goes with Prime Earth's Justice League to the present to help end this, but because of Hawkgirl's both actions, Starman is killed, and the plan goes bad.[8]



  • Knife
  • Revolver



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