Kanis-Biz was the Drug Lord who ran the entirety of the planet Cairn, practically single-handedly, until Vril Dox, believing it to be the most corrupt planet in the Galaxy, used his L.E.G.I.O.N. operatives and the help of Lobo to stage a coup.

In his prime, Kanis-Biz was known to have roughly 7/10ths of the Cairnian police force on his payroll. His daughter was also married to Garryn Bek, who had been attempting to get close to him for an arrest. Kanis-Biz was shot through the head by Vril Dox in his own office after the rest of his complex had been taken and infiltrated by the police force Dox had just commandeered.

Kanis-Biz is a pun on cannabis.



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