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Kara was a sixteen-year old alien girl born on planet Odiline, a world which admired Krypton and its culture.

Kara was eight when Odiline blew up. Her hometown Argo City, named after the original Kryptonian city, survived thanks to a protective dome. Unfortunately, the Argonians were stranded in space with barely food and their life support machines were dying. Then a space freighter crashed near from the dome, carrying a cryogenized Xenomorph Queen and her eggs inside. The Argonians stripped the ship of all they could use and left the Queen alone, but two years later someone awoke her by accident.

Six years later, Kara and the last survivors of Argo City were fighting a hopeless war when Superman arrived at the City to investigate. Superman was found by Kara and they tried to save the last Argonians together, but they failed.

As fighting together, Kal and Kara bonded and she gave him a picture to remember her. Argo was blown up during the ensuing battle, but Kara was prevented by a Xenomorph from reaching a transporter tube, and Superman assumed she was unable to leave. Still she made it to an escape pod and managed to escape, although she ignored where Earth and how to get there.


  • Created by Dan Jurgens, Kara is based on the original Kara Zor-El/Supergirl created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino who made her first appearance in Action Comics #252. This character was one of the many attempts to replace the original Kara with a non-Kryptonian version during a period when DC wanted Superman to be the only Kryptonian survivor.
  • Superman said he regarded Kara as a little sister of sorts, but he never brought her up again, not even when his cousin Kara from the original Argo City arrived on Earth.



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