For the actual Supergirl, see Kara Zor-El (Smallville).

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A strange woman who claimed to be the Kryptonian Kara.

Kara's origin is shrouded in mystery. All that is known is that she emerged from a wall inside of the Kawatche Caves, in 2004. She made her way to the Kent Farm, where she met Clark Kent and introduced herself as a Kryptonian named "Kara". Befriending Clark, she tried to convince him to leave with her.[1]

However, before he agreed, Kara caught FBI-agent Frank Loder listening to a conversation between her and the Kent family. When he tried to escape, Kara disintegrated both Loder and the car he was in.[1]

Clark finally agreed to come with her, after he believed that Lex Luthor and Lana Lang had betrayed him. But, just before they left, they were stopped by Jonathan Kent, who had matched Kara's fingerprints to Lindsay Harrison's, from a shoplifting arrest 16 years earlier. However, Kara denied being Lindsay and was then dissolved by Jor-El, as she had served her purpose.[1]


  • Kara was portrayed by Adrianne Palicki.
  • Several seasons later, Clark Kent met another Kara, his cousin.
  • It is unknown if Kara really was Lindsay Harrison or merely a recreation made by Jor-El (though, later interactions between Clark and Jor-El point towards the latter[2]). He had previously been shown to be able to create life-like recreations of people.[3] In the episode, there are indicators that Kara might not be real:
    • Martha Kent remarking that Kara does not eat.[1]
    • Kara passing through a solid fence.[1]
    • Kara becoming transparent and fading away (leaving behind no remains), after Jor-El notes that she has served her purpose.[1]



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