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Kara Fowdy was an agent of A.S.A., pressed into service in Martin Proctor's rogue operation in Freeland. As vice principal of Garfield High School, she was to monitor targets and identify victims in the Green Light operation.

Fowdy was unaware her direct boss and friend Jefferson Pierce was actually Black Lightning, the program's biggest threat. When it was revealed to her, she did not believe it, and reluctantly set him up as a Green Light dealer so the A.S.A. could abduct him in prison. When she heard rumors of Black Lightning reappearing while Pierce was in jail, she pleaded with her boss to have him released, but she was ordered to keep to her assignment at the school.

Eventually seeking to defect from the A.S.A., she sought the aid of Peter Gambi, promising to retrieve the briefcase from Tobias Whale. Though she managed to kill his right-hand Syonide, Fowdy was shot through her abdomen by Whale's harpoon, forcing her to retreat back to Gambi and succumbing to sepsis.



  • Night-Vision Googles


  • Bladed Heels

  • Kara Fowdy was portrayed by Skye P. Marshall.



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