Kara Zor-El is Supergirl, the cousin of Superman. After getting stranded on Earth, she's become Linda Lee and has to survive 8th grade.

Kara is a young Kryptonian girl who lived in the domed moon of Argo City with her parents. Kara's father was preparing a special unmanned rocket to go to Earth with a special message for their distant relative Superman. Kara was picked to be a cheerleader for the launch ceremony, but due to her poor grade point average, her mother forbade her from attending the function. Angry, Kara stormed off and hid inside the rocket. Nobody realized she was there, and the rocket launched, piercing the veil of Quasi-Space and eventually reaching Earth.

When her ship landed, she inadvertently aided her cousin Superman by crashing into his nemesis Lex Luthor. As soon as she emerged from the rocket, she began to develop superhuman abilities, such as enhanced strength, flight and the power to see through solid objects. After the Luthor business was settled, Superman took her aside and explained that he didn't have the resources to send her back home. Kara was stuck on Earth. To help her adapt, he enrolled her in a public school and provided her with a human alias - Linda Lee.

Kara's first impression of Earth school was a poor one. She had little knowledge of Earth culture, and the other students persistently laughed at her seeming ineptitude. Frustrated beyond measure, Kara decided to try and return home under her own power. This tactic failed as her flight did not yet allow for her to travel beyond Earth's atmosphere.

Kara decided to make the best of things, and realized that she could use her Kryptonian powers to help the people of Earth, just like her cousin. She began referring to herself as Supergirl.


Due to her young age, Supergirl's powers have not yet fully developed, and will likely grow more potent as she ages.



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