Unlike her Earth-One counterpart, this Kara Zor-El was born prior to the destruction of Krypton and it was her father who discovered that Krypton was going to be destroyed.

When Krypton exploded, Zor-El placed Kara, himself and Allura in a spaceship and rocketed the family to Earth. Settling on a farm outside of Smallville, the three assumed the identity of the Zorelle family. At first, Kara's parents would use their powers, to secretly help the community. But, after they were exposed to Gold Kryptonite, they lost their powers. Afterwards, Kara's parents made her a suit and she started to save people in Smallville, as Supergirl.

Years later, her parents died during an epidemic. Kara sold the farm and moved to Metropolis, where she took up a career as a private detective and set up the Metropolis Detective Agency, while continuing to fight crime as Superwoman.

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