The Council cloned Supergirl several times. One of these escaped and thought she was the original Linda Danvers.

Originally, Linda was six miniature clones of Supergirl. The clones were created by a member of The Council called Drake, who intended to create an army of super-beings.[1] Still the process of replication was imperfect, and the duplicates were a mere twelve-inch.

When Supergirl managed to break out from Drake's lab and headed off to the Fortress of Solitude to recover, the six clones were sent out to combat her. Even if tiny, the clones were every bit as powerful as their template and very nearly killed her when they hurled her into the Atomic Cauldron.[2] However, Supergirl managed to defeat the clones and removed their powers, using Gold Kryptonite. She then placed them into suspended animation.[3]

While in suspended animation, the six clones used their mental energies to merge into a single full-sized clone and escape. Yearning for a normal life, "Linda" managed to put a block on Kara's memories of ever being anyone but Supergirl, and stealing a ship in Superman's Fortress, she programmed a course for Chicago.

However, "Linda"'s memories of her origin began fading away after the merge. By the time she reached Chicago and left the ship she had become convinced that she really was Linda Danvers and took over her life. The clone spent a short while living Linda Danvers' life, wondering why she had lost her powers and who was that "fake" Supergirl flying around Chicago until she was confronted by the real Supergirl. Upon remembering her true origins, "Linda" broke down in tears. However, Supergirl assured her that the world was big enough for two women with the same face. And that they could find "Linda" a new name and place in the world.[4]



Linda possesses Kara Zor-El's memories and knowledge, allowing her feats such like piloting a spaceship safely.





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