Karate Kid is Val Armorr, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th Century. Born in Japan, he is the greatest martial artist in the known universe. He has mastered every known form of martial arts, including a "super karate" that allows him to hold his own against Superboy. His long-term romantic partner and later wife is Princess Projectra. He was killed by Nemesis Kid during An Eye for an Eye. He returned to life in The Lightning Saga, and was killed again by the Morticoccus Virus in Countdown.

His temporary successor Myg was killed by Radiation Roy during Final Crisis. In Reboot Legion continuity, Val Armorr begins his career as a member of Workforce. In Prime Legion continuity, there is a third version of Val Armorr. Karate Kid was created by Jim Shooter, first appearing in Adventure Comics #346. (1966)

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