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Wotan is a sorceror and enemy of Doctor Fate.


Karel Wotan's story begins in antiquity, when a woman of the Northmen developed her magical powers. Gaining power in her male-dominated society, she pushed her abilities to allow her memories to pass from lifetime to lifetime as she reincarnated. But she realized that to grow her powers beyond a certain point, she would have to steal more power.

She came to Egypt and tried to take the power of Nabu, the wizard of Fate, but he defeated her. Realizing that she would strike at him and his successors, he marked her, so that her skin would always be green, and immediately killed her.

Over the centuries Wotan continued to reincarnate in both male and female bodies until the present day.

New Dr. Fate

Five years after the Apokolips War, Wotan discovered that a Nabu's successor had finally appeared. Wotan would kidnap the successor known as Khalid Ben-Hassin, the new Wonder Flash, and the Flash's mother. Wotan then made Khalid and Flash retrieve the Helmet of Nabu from the Tower of Fate, by threatening to hurt the Flash's mother. Wotan's plan would backfire however, after Khalid put on the Helmet and began to fight Wotan. The two would fight over the city of Boston after Wotan transported them there. Wotan would eventually lose the fight and be sent to an unknown dimension.


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