Bumblebee is a student at Super Hero High.

Bumblebee has the ability to shrink which makes her the perfect hero to find out what villains are up to. Because of her work the heroes on her teams are never surprised by villainous attacks.

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  • Super Suit
    • Enhanced Strength: One of the perks of Bumblebee's technologically advanced super suit is that it makes her very strong.
    • Shrinking: The microchip in Bumblebee's earbuds had a small side effect that gives her shrinking powers.
    • Flight
    • Sonic Blasts: Bumblebee can fire sonic blasts to 'sting' unsuspecting villains.

  • Bumblebee is known as the Social Butterfly and the Buzz-Worthy Scientist due to her energetic, outgoing and genius nature.
  • Bumblebee's hair is dyed honey-blonde in some places.



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