Karen Beecher is a graduate of Gotham University.

Boasting a 200 I.Q., Beecher was infamous for not having an emotional I.Q. to match. She worked for the government and President Waller. She was one of the scientists recruited to Project Fair Play, a secret program dedicated to perfecting methods to neutralize the Justice League if needed.

Following the murders of Victor Fries, Ray Palmer, and Silas Stone, Beecher went to talk to Will Magnus at his home. Beecher believed the Justice League were the killers based on their record of violent methods but Magnus disagreed. Beecher became irate when Magnus denied Kirk Langstrom, Batman, was a cold-blooded killer and asserted he only killed criminals. Beecher pointed out Magnus and Langstrom were best friends but even he wasn't safe. She believed everyone else who worked on Fair Play was next to be slain. She refused to sit around and wait for the next body to turn up. Beecher contacted the remaining scientists and organized a meeting at her country mansion. As they debated what to do next, Batman eavesdropped on them. The three droids, the real killers and creations of Magnus, boomed to the mansion and slew everyone. Beecher hid under a billiards table. She watched in horror as Emil Hamilton was stabbed and dropped near her. The Wonderdroid plunged its sword through the billiards table into Beecher.




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