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Bumblebee was a student of Sidekick City Elementary and a member of the Tiny Titans.

Imagine Me and You...

Bumblebee and Plasmus.

On a particularly depressing day for Bumblebee, she ran into Plasmus in a similar state of mind. The two got to know each other as they played together in the park. After spending the day together, the two entered into a romantic relationship.[1]

Lost in Metropolis

'Bee agreed to babysit the younger children of the Justice League for her Team Nucleus babysitting badge. She took them to Metropolis, but they all wandered away as they were getting ice cream. Arthur Curry, Jr. was found exhausted at the waterfront, Kid Devil cooking hot dogs with his heat-breath, and Red Hood and Robin were dancing at the Metropolis Zoo. Not only did she earn the babysitting badge, but also the badges for dancing, fire safety, ice cream, and water safety.[2]




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