Karen Keeny is the mother of the Scarecrow.

She was the youngest daughter in a long line of Georgia gentry from Arlen. Raised under her strict mother and grandmother, which led to her having a somewhat rebellious youth. She fell out of favor when she became pregnant after a short relationship with Gerald Crane. She wasn't allowed to raise her child - even the naming was done by her grandmother.[1]

She moved to nearby Latham, where she married Charlie Jarvis. Jarvis was abusive and jealous, and wanted above all the deed to the family mansion, which she didn't have. When her son came back to kill his last remaining relatives, Charlie became even more jealous, as she received strange letters under her maiden name. When Scarecrow did make it to her house, he killed Jarvis and was about to kill Karen and her infant daughter when Batman arrived and stopped him.[2]

Knowing all the people he had killed, Karen felt guilty for Jonathan's deeds, and contemplated suicide. She was talked out of it by Deadman.[3]



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