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Scientist Kitty Faulkner was transformed into the monstrous Rampage. Not in control of her own actions, her rampage was stopped by Superman. She can transform at will and rarely changes into Rampage.

Kitty Faulkner was an ambitious young scientist from Metropolis working upon a special energy-conservation project with her older, more cantankerous colleague, Doctor Tom Moyers. Faulkner was vital towards the construction of a large containment unit known as the Bio-energy Actualizer. The Actualizer stimulated the photosynthetic growth cycle of stored algae, causing the specimens to reproduce at an alarming rate, producing millions of watts of electricity.

The process was a cumulative stage of phases with each generation of algae providing the necessary energy output to replicate itself even further, thus producing even more energy. Ideally, the Bio-energy Actualizer represented a tremendous accomplishment in the production of pollution-free fuel.

Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane, visited Doctor Faulkner's laboratory to interview the scientists to write a report on their achievements. Kitty provided Lois an exclusive tour of the facility, and enthusiastically championed the benefits of her Actualizer, much to the chagrin of her jealous colleague, Doctor Moyers.

Moyers was determined to illustrate that the Bio-energy Actualizer was not nearly as safe as Kitty had claimed, and so he shut down one of the power regulators. Fortunately, the facility's safety-locks automatically engaged, and everything appeared serene. Both Lois and Kitty grew enraged over Moyers' irresponsible behavior. As the three argued, they failed to notice that a slight power-flux had occurred during the moments between the regulator shut-off and the safety lockdown. A massive explosion tore through the laboratory, sending piles of debris on top of them. The radiation from the explosion tore through Kitty's biohazard suit and transformed her into an eight-foot tall creature known as Rampage.

From across town, Superman (in his true identity of reporter, Clark Kent), heard the roar of the explosion by way of his super-hearing. Excusing himself from the office, he quickly changed into Superman and flew down to the burning remains of the lab. He dispensed the fire by creating a vortex with super-speed, siphoning the ambient heat into the atmosphere.

As the smoke cleared, Rampage emerged from the debris. She grabbed Superman and began thrashing him about, easily matching his strength pound for pound. As the two continued fighting, the Actualizer replication process began to take effect on Rampage. She began growing even taller and stronger. Superman grabbed her by the foot and attempted to fly her away from the city. Rampage wriggled out of his grasp however and began pounding on the Man of Steel in the middle of a city street.

The more they fought with one another, the more Superman began to realize that the Actualizer process was beginning to affect him as well. He found his own solar cells replicating at an intense rate of speed. He theorized that the solar radiation that gave him his powers acted as a dampener against Rampage's strength. Keeping hold of the inarticulate creature, he absorbed as much radiation from Rampage's body as he could stand. The effort proved successful, and Rampage transformed back into Kitty Faulkner. Superman flew off into the high atmosphere to bleed off the excess radiation he had absorbed.

Since the initial accident that transformed Kitty Faulkner into Rampage, she has found herself in situations, which prompted her to become the super-strong creature several more times. However, she has since learned to control these instances and has even managed to maintain her intellect while in the Rampage form. Kitty rarely turns into Rampage anymore, preferring instead to dedicate herself to a prosperous career working at S.T.A.R. Labs.


  • Transformation: Kitty Faulkner can transform into Rampage, a muscle-bound behemoth with orange skin and a large red mohawk.
    • Energy Absorption: Rampage's body acted as an energy converter, absorbing solar radiation and using it to metabolize the cells of her body. By absorbing solar energy, Rampage was capable of generating extra body mass and density, which granted her excessive physical traits


  • Science: Kitty Faulkner is an expert in the study of solar radiation.


  • Power Limitation: If Rampage was denied a means by which to harness and process solar radiation, her metabolic cell structure would decrease, forcing her to revert to Kitty Faulkner.


  • Bio-Energy Actualizer


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