Karl Hansen, codenamed Sunburst, was born as a Swedish national and was part of the original Stormwatch team, along with his future wife Nautika.

He married Nautika just before their tragic mission in Kuwait.

During the Gulf War, Kussein realized that he had lost the war and decided to lay waste to Kuwait. Sunburst and the rest of the team (Batttalion, Flashpoint, Sunburst and Nautika) stopped the soldiers from blowing up an oil field. In a surprise attack by Deathtrap and his associates Flashpoint, Nautika and Sunburst where attacked and thought to be killed but they were taking back to Gamorra Island as hostages, where the Daemonite Lord Defile brainwashed them to make them double agents. He was later saved by Stormwatch after Battalion probed a Gamorran's mind and found out they were still alive.

After their release, their trial of fire was the exposure of Defile's plan to bomb several historical monuments worldwide. Since they worked out well together, he estimated they were combat ready again, and arranged to team the three of them together. Nevertheless, the missions they were given involved more investigation than actual combat.

When Flashpoint went on a personal crusade to settle the score with the Mercs he and Nautika were sent by Synergy to arrest him. They stopped him just before he could get the story of their own capture from Deathtrap.

During the 'Wildstorm Rising' episode, Nautika and Sunburst revealed Defile's influence when they betrayed their team-mates. They followed Spartan in the Kherubim ship to take control of it. But Sunburst managed to break Defile's control, so the Daemonite ordered Nautika to neutralize him. Sunburst left the scene crippled and unable to walk again. Nautika left it with the memory of crippling her husband. Sunburst felt in hard depression and self contempt. After that, they followed heavy medical treatments to be cleared of Defile's influence. And Nautika managed to give back his confidence to her husband. He could not walk, but he could still fly and fight.

When Bendix reorganized the team after the Fire from Heaven incident, Sunburst and Nautika were removed from active duty to be advisors on an as-needed basis.[1] Fahrenheit would later call upon their knowledge in explosives to solve the murder of the former Stormwatch rookie Undertow.[2]





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