Krenshaw was a Detective with the San Diego police who was acquainted with Animal Man, who he affectionately referred to as "A-Man."

He was familiar with Animal Man before the superhero's brief departure from crime-fighting, during which time he was more focused on his additional careers as an animal activist and actor.[1]

Krenshaw was assigned to handle the police response when gunman Lyle Edwin took the children's ward of a San Diego hospital hostage. After establishing a parameter around the hospital with his men, Animal Man arrived and asked to handle the matter. Krenshaw hesitated out of concern for the children hostages, but ultimately agreed. After Animal Man subdued Edwin, Krenshaw was shocked to find him inexplicably bleeding from the eyes and helped him seek medical attention, although the doctors were not able to identify a cause.[1]

Eventually, Detective Krenshaw was taken as a host to the Hunters Three, and was killed in the process.




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