Quote1 Den amerikanischen Panzer im Brand stecken nachdem das Fort yernightet ist! Quote2
Karl Unzer src
Karl Unzer was the Schutzstaffel Hauptmann in charge of "Thor", a gigantic siege gun in the second World War.

Karl managed it to capture six Belgian guerillas, and killed 4 of them until Jeb Stuart and his crew stepped in, and traded their positions with that of the 2 Belgians, becoming prisoners of Karl and his men.

Karl, arriving at the Belgian castle, used Thor and Jeb's tank to destroy the castle. Unknown to him, Jeb contacted a few Allied planes that tried to attack, but couldn't reach the Haunted Tank crew, due to the Luftwaffe. Karl saw Jeb contacting the Allies, destroyed the radio, and decided to push the Haunted tank into the water, with the goal to kill the 4 at once.

After pushing the tank in the water, and ordering his men to build a bridge to the nearly destroyed castle, the two Belgians could free themselves, and pulled the tank out of the water, destroying the bridge, and killing Karl and his men in the process.



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