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Quote1 My plan is simple: to tear down the gates of Hell, to slaughter every piece of pitscum that will not bow before me, and to put the CROWN OF HORNS upon my head and rule the pit the way it always should have been. Quote2
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Karrien Excalibris was once the Archangel of War, whose own zealotry and ambition blinded him to his own savagery, bringing about his downfall.

When Lucifer abandoned his post due to Etrigan's rebellion, Hell fell into chaos. The Lord placed the two disgraced angels, Remiel and Duma as stewards of the Inferno. Enraged by their incompetence, Karrien gathered half the host of Heaven and rallied them to wage war on Hell, so he could claim the Crown of Horns for himself, and restore order to creation.

Karrien's forces assaulted the gates of Hell when Etrigan was at his lowest, having suffered his greatest defeat at the hands of Jason Blood. The demon lords managed to knock some sense into him, convincing Etrigan to lead what was left of Hell's armies against the divine aggressors.[1]

The initial battle did not last long, the angels outnumbered the demon hoards and Karrien's flaming swords decimated the unholy enemies with as much as a flourish. Sergeant Kakk recommended Hell's forces retreat back to the Tower of Dis. Karrien's advisors also suggested they rest, to which he reluctantly agreed to an hours respite. With the cover of darkness, Etrigan snuck across enemy lines and stealthily slaughtered fifty roosting angels. He was captured by Karrien who refused to, "...soil my sword with your rancid blood." Instead he handed The Demon over to two allies he recruited before the war, General von Raddel and Captain Scumm who were now demon lords themselves.[2]

With Hell's commander out of the way, Karrien continued his siege on the Tower of Dis. However, he found himself being attacked from the rear by a hellpanzer, commandeered by Etrigan and his rescuers. Karrien destroyed the tank along with Bloodklott.[3] The battle culminated at the foot of the Tower of Dis. Karrien goaded Etrigan to face him in combat by throwing the severed head of Morax at his feet, mocking his death by saying, "Moooo." While Etrigan landed the first blow, Karrien hacked at the demon prince before impaling him on his flaming sword. He unceremoniously flung the half dead Etrigan into a crevasse and continued to wipe out the remaining resistance. Beneath their feet Etrigan stumbled upon the missing Crown of Horns. It's power not only revived him but increased his strength exponentially. Surprised to see Etrigan's return, Karrien still didn't falter, raising his sword for a killing blow. Etrigan caught the blade with one hand and ripped Karrien's arm from his body, before engulfing him in hellfire. On his knees, Karrien pleaded with the Lord to claim him back to Heaven. Furiously Etrigan spat that he was the one Karrien should be begging for mercy. The once great archangel apologised with tears in his eyes but Etrigan had no forgiveness, and plunged Karrien's own sword down his throat, immolating him from the inside out.[4]




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