Quote1.png You sacrifice your place in paradise and everything that comes with it. You would leave your sisters forever. And that would break my heart. Quote2.png
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Kasia is one of the Amazons of the Island of Themyscira.

Before being reborn as an Amazon, Kasia was a woman slain at the hands of the man who took offense at her refusal of him. Because of this, she has a great dislike for the Man's World and she doubts that very little has changed, and does not understand how Diana might want to leave the Paradise Island where the Gods gave to Amazons eternal life and aeons of peace, asking little of them in return.[1]

A great friend to Diana, the Amazon Princess revealed to Steve Trevor that Kasia was the most special person she said goodbye to when she left Themyscira.[2] The other Amazons also think that the two women are very close to each other and they have a special relationship.[1]





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