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Kassidy Sage is the daughter of the immortal world conqueror Vandal Savage.

When Kassidy was ten, her father was arrested and sent to Belle Reve for a series of murders, after he was discovered committing ritualistic human sacrifices to appease his gods, allowing his proclaimed immortality. Her mother died within the year.

She grew up to be one of the FBI's best criminal profilers, specializing in serial killers.

After sixteen long years a copycat killer dubbed the "Swan-Killer" begins to mimic Vandal Savage's sacrificial murders. When Savage was being interviewed by two FBI agents, he managed to attack them, leading his daughter Kassidy Sage to head to Belle Reve to meet with Vandal to ask for his help in tracking the Swan-Killer.

Vandal agrees to help after he witnesses her kill an escaped inmate, claiming he had to be sure she was a true Savage. Savage made one request to his daughter in order to help, he would need to see the crime scenes in person.

Savage tells his daughter that he will try to escape, but she has no choice in the matter, as it is the only way he would agree to help. Kass reluctantly agrees to his terms, as well as arranges his temporary release.