Hawkman was as a member of Stormwatch, Earth's early warning system against extraterrestrial threats.

He was on board The Carrier when it was pulled out of the Bleed by an unknown force. When the Engineer tries to find out what happened, she becomes possessed and reveals "the storm [they] were created for": Brother Eye. The robot hijacks the ship's AI and initiates its self-destruct function, killing everyone on board.

Katar's body was later recovered by Frankenstein and company, along with other deceased Stormwatch members. Dr. Palmer later chopped off Katar's left arm, noting that it was the best replacement for Frankenstein's own missing limb. During the process of attaching the arm, Hawkman awoke from his seemingly dead in a state of confusion as to why his arm was removed. Katar then revealed to the group that the nth metal bonded to his body was the reason for his own survival.




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