Hawkman was a Thanagarian soldier and husband of Hawkgirl. He forbid his wife from returning to Earth to become a hero and, after returning on a deep space mission, discovered that she disobeyed him. He went to Earth and fought her in combat to return to their planet with him but was defeated by his wife, who threatened to kill him if he ever returned to Earth again.

Katar eventually did return to Earth and sided with the Insurgency in order to oppose his wife. Hawkman was sent on a mission by Batman to retrieve a ring of Kryptonite from Mongul off in deep space. Hawkman returned to Earth with the Kryptonite, albeit with it infused into his mace, and attempted to get revenge on Superman for stealing his wife before the Kryptonian bested him and killed Hawkman in a fist fight.




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