Hawkman is a member of the Justice League of America.

Katar Hol was the equivalent of a policeman on his home planet of Thanagar. He and his wife, Shayera, came to Earth in pursuit of a criminal from their own planet. To them, crime is a disease, one that all but destroyed their once prison-free world. This disease was like a cancer: it spread. Attempting to contain it brought them to Earth.

It was here that they adopted the roles of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, recognizing humanity's willingness to accept an alien super hero more quickly than an alien manhunter. Katar and Sahyera, married on Thanagar, alter the pronunciations of their names to fit human dialects, becoming Carter and Shiera Hall, and members of the Justice League of America.

Both can fly at great speeds due to artificial wings and antigravity belts. While they have a Thanagarian ship filled with weapons hidden just outside Earth's orbit, it is their study of Earth's history and weaponry that has become their primary passion. Carter and Shiera act as co-directos of the Midway City Museum, a cover set up by their human policeman ally, Commissioner George Emmett.[1]






  • Spiked Mace



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