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Katar Hol, better known as the superhero Hawkman, was a Thanagarian police officer who came to Earth alongside his partner, Shayera Thal.


New 52 Origin

Katar was once a minor noble on the planet Thanagar who "offended one of his betters" and was condemned to Thanagar's Gladiatorial Arena. His fame as a gladiator spread and he soon got adopted by the King of Thanagar. After Thanagar's enemies poisoned the King and robbed the Thanagarians of their wings, Katar's adopted brother Corsar ascended to the throne. Corsar decided to mine the mysterious Nth Metal in order to help the Thanagarians win the war. Katar opposed this due to the poor treatment the workers were getting. The two fought and when the Nth metal bonded to Katar, he accidentally killed Corsar. Shayera, the Princess of Thanagar, lover of Katar and sister to Corsar tried to capture Katar but he fled. He eventually crashed on Earth where he was found by the Coast Guard. When they asked for his name he said "Katar Hol" before going unconscious. They mistook his saying for "Carter Hall". The United States Government gave papers to Katar Hol, where he then went to college to study archaeology. He soon met a woman named Emma Ziegler and he became a archaeologist under her father.

The Nth metal still was bonded to Katar and he became a vigilante under the name of Hawkman. At some point he tried to give up the mantle of Hawkman, but when an alien called Morphicius threatened New York City with a plague, Hawkman was forced to return to action.[1] and defeat the alien.[2]

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Following the cosmic upheavals of the Rebirth period, this character's history was revised. While some of these events may have occurred in current continuity, there are a number of contradictions.

Current Origin

Katar was the son of Paran Katar, the Thanagarian scientist who invented the miraculous anti-gravity technology his world used to fly. As a child, Paran often told his son of the ancient Thanagarian hero Kalmoran, which in turned inspired Katar to become a Wingman as an adult, a member of Thanagar's esteemed law enforcement. He would sometimes dream of the Deathbringers, an omen of things to come and a memory of his own past life as Ktar.

As a Wingman, Katar patrolled "downside," while residing "upside." He was partnered with fellow Wingman and eventual paramour Shayera Thal. As an adult, his father was murdered by a shapeshifting traitor named Byth Rok, and Katar swore vengeance.

Eventually, Katar and his partner would travel to Earth; Katar would become known as the hero Hawkman, a title also held by another reincarnation of Ktar, Carter Hall.[3] As Hawkman, he was a member of the Justice League of America in its "satellite" incarnation.[4] With the League, he fought the dream-manipulating supervillain Doctor Destiny,[5] and formed a close friendship with his teammate Batman,[6] who was aware of his reincarnated status and marriage.[7] Hawkman operated in Midway City, and faced threats such as hijacked Superman Robots with Metamorpho and the Metal Men,[8] and the Fadeaway Man, a recurring foe, with Batman.[9]

Justice League of America

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Hawkman was eventually contacted by Amanda Waller to join a superhero team she was putting together called the Justice League of America that, unknown to the recruits, was meant to serve as a government-sponsored counter to the real Justice League if the team ever went rogue. Hawkman was chosen as a foil for Aquaman.[10]

Alongside Martian Manhunter, Hawkman acted as one of the team's heavy hitters. Though he didn't really trust Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor at first, he eventually did, seeing how working in a team could help improve himself as a warrior.

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Hawkman was captured and drugged by the ancient villain Doctor Trauma, who surgically transferred her brain into his youthful body. Trauma was defeated and the procedure was reversed by the Fifth Dimensional imp Bat-Mite, while Hawkman, sedated, was unaware of what had transpired.[11] Later, he joined the gathered superheroic community to discuss the return of Section Eight.[12] As a member of the Justice League of America, he fought a space-dragon to retrieve the extradimensional Ommmm…gem,[13] attended a JLA charity gala crashed by Section Eight's Sixpack,[14] and considered Captain Atom's candidacy for Justice League membership.[15]

Death of Hawkman

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After the breakdown of the Justice League United, Hawkman decided to return to Thanagar and decided to work as a police officer back home, tired of life on Earth. However, Hawkman found it difficult to work inside the rules of a police officer and was constantly reprimanded by his superiors. Hawkman was partnered with the Thanagarian officer Rayn Kral who, despite being an honest cop, was loyal to his partner even when Hol flew off the handle.[16]

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Death of Hawkman

When Despero put a plan into action to collect all the Nth Metal in the universe to take over the galaxy, he set his sights on Thanagar, known for mining it. In order to distract the citizens of the planet long enough to rob them blind, Despero initated a war between Thanagar and their neighbor planet Rann, adopted world of the human space traveler and former Hawkman's former Justice League United comrade Adam Strange. When Strange became suspicious of the cause of the war between the two planets, he contacted Hawkman, and the two sought clues to discover Despero's plan.

Furious that Despero had successfully blown up a Thanagarian mining moon, causing the deaths of thousands,[17] Hawkman and Strange eventually came to blows with Despero himself, who had now accessed almost all of the Nth Metal Thanagar had controlled and was wearing it to fight them.[18] Realizing the only way to stop Despero was to kill him, Hawkman ordered Strange to activate a machine that would magnetize all the Nth Metal in the area, ripping Hawkman to his death but also killing Despero in the process. Katar Hol was posthumously honored with a statue on his home planet for his sacrifice to save Thanagar.[19]


  • Unique Physiology: Being Thanagarian, Katar Hol has a unique physiology.
    • Claws: Hawkman was three Nth Metal claws that are bonded to his armor. They are mainly used for close quarters combat. They are attached to a small shield or buckler which the Nth metal also provides.
    • Wings
      • Flight: Hawkman has wings that grant him flight. Though Thanagar's enemies poisoned the Thanagarians and robbed them of their wings, the Nth metal that bonded to Katar grew his wings back.
    • Superhuman Durability: Hawkman can take hits from super human beings such as Lobo and Aquaman.
    • Superhuman Strength: Hawkman has great physical strength and was able to draw blood from Despero with his blow and even rip off one of his arms.[19]
    • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Regeneration




  • Nth Metal: The Nth metal that Katar wields can form all kinds of weapons ranging from axes to swords and maces, he also wields clawed brass knuckles, small shield, a rifle and daggers that are all made of Nth metal.

  • As a member of the Justice League of America, Hawkman was chosen as a foil for Aquaman.



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