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Coagula was a member of the Doom Patrol and one of the earliest transgender superheroes.

At some point she and another member of the Doom Patrol Dorothy Spinner both visited the Metropolis Pride Parade together with fellow Doom Patrol member Danny the Brick. Kate remains an active figure in the transgender superhero community, befriending the likes of Alysia Yeoh.[1]

When Godwin died, her teammate and friend Cliff Steele blamed himself, leading her image to be used by the Sleepless Queen's illusory magic to exploit his guilt as a weakness.[2]

Due to the combined efforts of Niles Caulder and Will Magnus, a trace of Kate's consciousness was found in Cliff's processing chip, left over from an incident where they merged bodies.[3] Once made aware of her own consciousness, Kate was brought back to life.[4]



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