Kathana was one of several bio-genetically created creatures developed by the mad scientist Dabney Donovan of Project Cadmus.

Like many of Donovan's experiments, Kathana left Cadmus and took shelter in the sewers beneath Metropolis where he became part of a group called the Underworlders. When the Underworlders developed a progressive illness due to poisoned flood waters, they blamed Project Cadmus and declared war against all humanity. In an event known as the "Battle for Metropolis", the Underworlders began terrorizing the downtown section of Metropolis. Kathana, weak and starving from the disease, attempted to sate his hunger on young Keith Robert White. Keith's guardian, Myra, defended Keith and Kathana raked her face with his claws. Keith however was safe from the monster cannibalistic appetites.


  • Hypnosis: Kathana possesses a psionic form of hypnosis, which he uses to temporarily sedate his prey, enabling him to feed upon them.
  • Claws: Kathana possesses razor-sharp claws, ideal for rending flesh.



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