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Quote1 Sitting at that desk, staring at that window, watching the city that we grew up in rot at its core. You find a way to not break... Quote2
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Kate Kane is the former vigilante from Gotham City known as Batwoman and acting CEO of Wayne Enterprises. After getting out of the Black Mask's brainwashing, she left Gotham to find her cousin, Bruce Wayne, and left the Batwoman mantle to Ryan Wilder.


Kate is the daughter of Gabi and Jacob Kane, as well as Beth Kane's sister and Bruce Wayne's cousin. After a car accident caused by the Joker, her mother and sister fell into the river and were presumed dead after pieces of bones were found. Kate was resentful of Batman for not being able to save them. Eventually, Jacob married Catherine Hamilton and Kate met her step-sister Mary Hamilton. As a teenager, Kate discovered herself as a lesbian and was taken out of the closet by Brad Morrison, and she punched him in the face in response.

In the eight grade, Kate became friends with Evan Blake and had a brief relationship with Maggie Watson. Kate decided to study at Point Rock Academy to gain her father's approval and join Crows Security. There, she met and fell in love with Sophie Moore, who secretly started a relationship. Eventually, they were discovered and Kate was expelled for "homosexual conduct".

Even after being expelled, Kate still wanted to join the Crows and decided to leave Gotham City and train with several masters around the world. In London, Kate trained with Julia Pennyworth (without her knowing the woman's real identity). When Kate found out that Julia was actually the daughter of Bruce's butler, she got mad and left London that same night. During 2018, Kate went to the Arctic and started training her resistance with an elder.

Becoming a hero

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Original appearance.

Three years after the disappearance of Batman, who many believed to be an urban legend, Gotham City descended into a hopeless crime-ridden state. As the city began to die and its infrastructure fell apart, a new gang led by the mysterious Alice appeared in the city. The gang kidnapped Sophie Moore and Kate returned to Gotham to save her. When she returned to Wayne Tower, Kate met Luke Fox and found the Batcave. Upon entering the cave, she discovered that Batman was her cousin Bruce and she took on the mantle of Batwoman to combat the rampant misconduct plaguing the streets. Kate gave up joining the Crows and discovered that Alice is actually her sister Beth.

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Kate as Batwoman.

During her first days as a heroine, Kate faced several criminals, such as Magpie, the Executioner and Tommy Elliot. Kate ended up meeting Reagan, who briefly became her girlfriend, but they broke up after Kate realized she didn't have time for romantic relationships. During Elseworlds, Kate met the heroes Flash, Supergirl and Green Arrow, and helped them during the escape from the Arkham Asylum. Eventually, Kate managed to capture Alice and found out what happened to her in those years that she was missing. She had actually been held captive by August Cartwright and his son Jonathan, who was now known as Mouse and had become a member of the wonderland gang. After Sophie started to suspect that Kate is the Batwoman, Kate came up with a plan to outwit her with Luke Fox and Julia Pennyworth, who had returned to Gotham. Julia used the Batsuit to pretend she was Batwoman while Sophie saw Kate in the same place. Kate found herself in the midst of a family crisis after Jacob discovered that Catherine had forged Beth's death, which ended up killing Catherine in revenge and incriminating Jacob. After that, Kate gave up trying to save her sister.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Paragons (Arrowverse)


During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Kate was picked up by Harbinger and taken to Earth-38. She helped fight the Shadow Demons, but the Earth was destroyed by Antimatter and the Green Arrow was killed. She was taken back to Earth-1 by the Monitor, where it was revealed that she was the Paragon of Courage after facing a Batman doppelganger from Earth-99. Earth-1 was also destroyed by Anti-Monitor and Kate was taken to Vanishing Point by Pariah, along with the other Paragons. They stayed there for a while until they were freed by the Spectre and taken to the Dawn of Time, where they faced the Shadow Demons again and the Multiverse ended up being recreated by the Spectre after apparently defeating the Anti-Monitor. Several Earths were merged, forming Earth-Prime, where Anti-Monitor revealed it was still alive and the heroes decided to form a team to confront it and protect the Earth from other threats.

A new Earth

In the new Earth, Kate had to face new enemies that appeared in Gotham, like Nocturna, Duela Dent and Terrier. Batwoman decided to reveal herself as the first lesbian superhero to inspire LGBT people. Kate killed August Cartwright after discovering everything he did to Beth, besides keeping her mother's head in a freezer. This traumatized her and made her stop being the Batwoman for a while, but she ended up overcoming and becoming a vigilante during the attacks of the new Detonator in Gotham. In the meantime, Mary discovered that Kate was Batwoman and joined the Bat Team. Kate also helped to arrest Alice in Arkham, without her knowing.

Kate and Julia broke into the Lookout to retrieve Lucius Fox's diary, but were captured by Johnny Sabatino. Kate was eventually saved by Mary and managed to defeat Johnny and his gang. She rejoined Reagan and they ended up spending a night together. When Kate woke up, she found out that Reagan had stolen the diary, so she went after her and found out that she was Magpie's sister and had given her the diary. The diary ended up in the hands of Alice and Hush, who secretly ruled Arkham Asylum and kidnapped several Gotham intellectuals to uncover the diary. Kate had to choose between Luke and Julia's life or the diary. She ended up giving Alice the diary, who planned an escape in Arkham to escape.

On a Halloween night, Batwoman saved Ryan Wilder when she was being mugged by criminals. Unaware that Kate is the Batwoman, Jacob started hunting her and tried to kill her, leaving Kate sad and disappointed. She decided to take a piece of Kryptonite to Kara in National City, but her plane ended up exploding, causing Kate to be presumed dead. In the meantime, Ryan Wilder decided to become the new Batwoman and continue Kate's legacy.

A new identity and leaving Gotham

Katherine Kane Arrowverse 006

Current appearance.

Kate had actually been disfigured during the accident and held in captivity by the Black Mask, who blamed Batwoman for the death of his daughter Circe Sionis. Enigma made Kate forget about her previous life and become the new Circe, at the behest of the Black Mask.

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  • Kate was born on January 26, 1990.[13]



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