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Kate Kane was Batwoman, a Gotham City vigilante and ally of Batman.

When she was eight years old, Katherine Kane, her sister, Elizabeth, and their mother, Gabrielle, were kidnapped by a terrorist group. Her father, Colonel Jacob Kane, led a rescue mission, but Elizabeth and Gabi were killed in the firefight. Seeking to never be so weak again, Kate chose to follow in her father's footsteps, and was eventually accepted into West Point. For reasons unknown, (presumably being outed as a lesbian) Kate was expelled, losing any chance at entering the military. After that, by her own admission, Kate became lost in a blur of "sex, drugs and techno-house." One night, staggering away from a bar, Kate was saved from a group of would-be assailants by none other than Batman. Realizing she had nearly become a victim once again, Kate was able to shake herself out of her funk and resume training, this time donning a costume of her own and taking on crime as the Batwoman.




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