Quote1 This isn't the way the world was meant to be... It's all my fault. If I hadn't pushed him this far... If I hadn't pulled that trigger, he never would have-- Quote2
Batwoman src


  • Acrobatics: Kate learned Parkour as part of her Batwoman training.[1][2]
  • Aviation
  • Driving: Particularly motorcycles.
  • Gadgetry: Kate is adept in the art of tinkering with things both mechanical and electronic.
  • Gymnastics: She is quite skilled in gymnastics (having trained in the sport since she was very young), and made it to Senior Elite level.[2]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Kate received basic training at West Point, then further, more intensive training in various martial arts during her travels around the world. She has trained in at least 14 different styles,[3] including:
  • Interrogation: Batwoman does a lot of physical intimidation and violent interrogation work - though she wouldn't torture or deliberately maim people.
  • Leadership: Kate was one of the two leaders of the Gotham Knights [4] and is the leader of The Colony.[5]
  • Lockpicking[6]
  • Medicine: Kate has been shown able to identify wounds and how old they are and describe them anatomically, administer stimulants, and perform minor surgery on herself.
  • Military Protocol: A one-time soldier raised by a career soldier, Kate is quite familiar with military policy, protocol and most aspects of life in the Army.
  • Multilingualism: Kate knows at least a bit of French, Portuguese, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
  • Music: Kate was a guitarist who occasionally performs in bars.[7]
  • Peak Human Condition: As a result of her extremely rigorous training, Kate is now at the upper end of natural human abilities.
    • Peak Human Durability: Kate has shrugged off wounds from bladed weapons on numerous occasions, and even survived being stabbed in the heart; she willingly went off of painkillers after a week and was back at home in a month. She has taken full-force blows to the face from Bane and Killer Croc with only superficial damage.
    • Peak Human Strength: Kate is strong enough to shatter stone statues with a single punch,[8] stagger both Bane and Killer Croc, throw and kick larger opponents multiple feet, and punch apart military-grade helmets.
  • Stealth: Kate once infiltrated an airborne military airship without raising alarm, and managed to make it to the bridge and subdue at least three soldiers before she revealed herself.
  • Survival: As part of her training, Kate crossed the Sahara with no supplies, and had to procure her own food and water along the way.[9]
  • Weaponry
    • Firearms: Kate has a much more lenient attitude toward guns than Bruce does, and has been trained in their use.
    • Throwing


  • Low Drug Tolerance: Kate is susceptible to attacks using incapacitating agents like drugs or toxins, especially those of a hallucinogenic nature. Despite weathering many such attacks during her crimefighting career, she seems to have built up no resistance to them, even in general.


  • Batsuit
    • Mechanical Cape: Kate's cape can turn into wings. The Colony tech allows Kate to fly silently and undetectable by other pieces of technology.[5]
    • Utility Belt


  • Colony Aircraft


  • Rifle



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