Quote1 This isn't the way the world was meant to be... It's all my fault. If I hadn't pushed him this far... If I hadn't pulled that trigger, he never would have-- Quote2
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In a possible future, Batwoman took control of the Colony.

The "Crisis"

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Return to Gotham City

After Tim Drake became Batman, Kate and anyone connected to Colony were exiled from Gotham City. When Batman was kidnapped and taken to the past, Kate decided it was time to free Gotham from his reign. She visited Commissioner Montoya to discuss a partnership, only for Pax Batmana, Tim's police force, to ambush them. Kate was able to defeat Tim's soldiers, but not before Renee was mortally wounded.[1]



  • Batsuit[2]
    • Mechanical Cape: Kate's cape can turn into wings. The Colony tech allows Kate to fly silently and undetectable by other pieces of technology.[2]
    • Utility Belt[2]



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