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Quote1.png I'm from one of Gotham's oldest families, and I'm part of a group that... oversees things. Quote2.png
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Kathryn Monroe was the leader of the Court of Owls, a secret organization that ran Gotham City from behind the scenes.

They were behind Indian Hill and were pulling the strings of Hugo Strange, as he had regular contact with Kathryn.[1]

Kathryn had arranged a meeting with Bruce Wayne after he started digging into corruption at Wayne Enterprises. Kathryn made a deal with Bruce; he would stop his investigation and the Court would no longer attack those closest to him.[2] Kathryn would later meet with Don Falcone, whom the Court was also controlling.[3]

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Two years after her death, Kathryn appeared in a nightmare of Jim Gordon, who was having a near-death experience after getting shot by Victor Zsasz. Kathryn, Professor Pyg and Scarecrow were among Gordon's greatest adversaries who attended his funeral at the GCPD Headquarters.[4]


  • Kathryn Monroe was portrayed by Kit Flanagan in Season 2 and Leslie Hendrix in Season 3. An unknown actress portrayed Kathryn in the episode The Trial of Jim Gordon, in which the character made a cameo appearance during a dream sequence.