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Kathryn Ryan, known as Kathy to family and Kit to friends, was a Belfast-born woman who had a relationship with Brendan Finn and later John Constantine.

Brendan and Kit lived in County Dublin together, and John would visit them whenever he needed an escape from the weight of his occultism.

Eventually, the friends fell out of touch, and Brendan became an alcoholic. As a result, Kit left him. When he reunited with John when both were seeking supernatural cures to physical ailments (Brendan's liver disease and John's lung cancer), they realized they could do nothing for each other, and decided to have a last hurrah. The heavy drinking they did claimed Brendan's life.[1]

After John finally managed to find a cure for his cancer - which involved an elaborate deceit of the three rulers of Hell - he fell into a depression. By chance, he bumped into Kit on the street, and they rekindled their friendship.[2] For a while, John struggled with his feelings for her, but that Christmas Eve, they admitted their feelings, and made love.[3] Some time later, Kit and John decided that he would move in with her, provided that he kept his occultist activities away from her.[4]