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Kathy Branden, also known as "Beacon", is a young girl living next to the Kents as well as Jon Kent's first real friend.


  • Alien Physiology: Due to her heritage, Kathy possesses very powerful psychic-based powers.
  • Psionics: Due to her heritage, Kathy has a rare gift that can help her sense certain aspects of other beings, such as psychic abilities.
    • Psionic Energy Manipulation: Kathy has been shown advanced control over psionic energies, allowing her to generate powerful psychic shock-waves capable of causing physical and mental damage.
    • Empathy: Kathy is able to mentally detect the auras of others, which allows her to detect emotions and see through deception.
    • Telepathy: Kathy can sense upcoming danger, read minds, and mentally communicate with others at will. She has been shown to telepathically communicate across vast distances.
      • Precognition: Kathy has a limited ability to foresee future events.
      • Mind Control: Kathy can control the thoughts and minds of others.
      • Enhanced Senses: Kathy has a natural sensitivity to universal vibration.
    • Telekinesis: Kathy has the ability to levitate, control and manipulate matter and energy with her thoughts. Such as when she easily levitated Damian, as well as bending Jon's heat vision around her with a single hand gesture.
      • Telekinetic Aura: Kathy can project a psychic aura around her body, which grants her increased physical strength and durability.
      • Telekinetic Flight: Kathy can lift herself and move through the air to simulate flight.
      • Telekinetic Blasts: Kathy is able to project telekinetic blasts that can damage, repel, crush, or destroy targets.
      • Force Field: Kathy can create a telekinetic field to shield her and her teammates from physical attacks.




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