Katrina Cupertino was the second Cybernary, outfitted with Gamorran tech and the digitized personality of her predecessor.

Katrina Cupertino is a Post-human who was outfitted with a cybernetic body, combining the most sophisticated qualities of the nymphodroid pleasure model and the hunter-killer combat unit. Katrina was selected to supply the human parts due to her natural telepathic/empathic abilities. Her talents were combined with a built-in battle computer and the pinnacle of Gamorran technology, leaving Cybernary with superhuman strength, speed, and durability merged with unparalleled skill and a near-supernatural anticipation of her opponents' moves. Under undisclosed circumstances, Yumiko Gamorra's consciousness was digitized and implanted into Katrina's body, creating a mystery as to the true personality controlling the Cybernary body.

Cybernary rose to the forefront of Gamorra's Resistance Movement bringing her into direct conflict with Kaizen Gamorra. It so happened that Cybernary came to assassinate Kaizen to avenge herself and Yumiko as the world was ending. After Kaizen revealed that he had manipulated events to lead Cybernary there, he asked for her help to save their country from the end of the world. Cybernary accepted his offer and together they ruled over the last superpower on Earth.[1][citation needed]

Cybernary accompanied Kaizen when he laid siege to the Authority's Carrier in UnLondon. Unfortunately for the duo, the Authority was able to defeat Gamorra's forces with the Warhol Virus. Kaizen himself was roasted by Apollo, and Katrina's cybernetic enhancements were absorbed by the Engineer's nanites, leaving her in her organic human body.[2]

During the three-month period of Earth's reconstruction, Katrina joined former WildC.A.T.s member Zealot in training a new Coda in Zanzibar.[3]




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