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Kay Olivia Challis is a woman who developed at least sixty-four unique personalities created from her father's sexual molestation of her as a child, each granted a unique metahuman ability by Niles Caulder's experiments. The primary persona is Crazy Jane, an aggressive, closed-off loner and member of the Doom Patrol tasked with keeping the other personas in check.

Early Life

Kay Challis was born on a farm in Arkansas in 1950 to Elena and Arthur Challis, the latter of whom was a cruel father, physically and sexually abusing her as a child. Whenever Kay misbehaved in any way, her father would force her to sit in a bucket and be lowered down into the farm's well as a punishment. During one of these times, Kay dropped her favorite stuffed animal Harry, which acted as a particularly traumatizing memory. Her only happy times were with her grandmother Jane, who she would be taken by Elena to visit when she couldn't stand her husband anymore for brief periods of time, always taking them back. Eventually, Kay's mind fractured from all the abuse, developing multiple personalities to cope with her lost innocence. The personalities, distinct from one another and inhabiting a construct within Kay's mind called "the Underground", vowed to defend Kay - the original personality and the body they inhabited - by any means necessary.[1][2][3][4]

Age of Miranda

When Kay was a teenager, her pious Christian mother, struggling to understand the psychological damage that had been done to her daughter, interpreted the multiple personalities as a demon inhabiting her daughter and held an exorcism for Kay at the local church. To avoid the scorn and hatred of the ritual being thrown her way, Kay retreated into the Underground, this time for good, assigning a new "primary" personality named "Miranda", a quiet but kind and clever woman. She faked being exorcised and praised God to stop the ritual, and was taken back home. But even with Miranda as the new primary, she still couldn't escape her father's abuse. Eventually, when he sent her to the well again, Miranda left a note for him in the well, climbed out, and ran away. She grew up on the streets, and eventually, at 19, found a job as a waitress.

In 1969, Miranda met a charming young street musician named Johnny Bills. The two struck up a bond rather quickly, and began dating, albeit taking it slow as per Miranda'a request. The two moved in together three years later, having developed a close and healthy sexual and emotional relationship. However, Johnny felt their relationship had plateaued and secretly organized a swinger party at their new home in the hopes of "moving forward" in their relationship. When Miranda was pressured into joining in, she had violent flashbacks to being sexually assaulted by Kay's father, prompting her to quickly retreat to the Underground. Having felt that she failed in keeping Kay safe, Miranda threw herself into the Underground's representation of the well, effectively killing the personality.[5]

Birth of Crazy Jane

When Kay's body awoke, a new personality had become the primary - one that was more brazen, outspoken, and rebellious, albeit more emotionally unstable. Named "Jane" after Kay's kind grandmother, she promptly walked out of Johnny and never returned, going out to live on her own as an aggressive and rebellious free spirit. She was eventually taken to a mental institution, but escaped on multiple occasions, only to be recaptured each time. Because of this, as well as the institution's orderlies' love for beating and abusing her and the other patients, Jane developed a serious anti-establishment mentality.[5]

In 1976, on one of her final visits to the institution, she was experimented on by the doctors there as part of her "treatment" on secret orders of scientist Niles Caulder, injecting her with chemicals in an effort to find the correct concoction for immortality. Niles' experiment was a success, and Jane was granted an extended life, all of Kay's sixty-four other personalities developed metahuman powers of their own, the powers of the persona in control transferring to Kay's body.

While in the institution, a telepathic but insane persona named "Doctor Harrison" was visited from the future by a time-travelling Mister Nobody, who helped her create the Cult of the Rewritten Book to save the world in the future, using the institution's patients, and even some of the staff, as members, lying in wait for the day they would save the world.[6]

A New Beginning

Eventually, Jane was retrieved from the institution by Caulder, who she would come to know as "the Chief". He presented himself as a kindly uncle-like figure, not mentioning his connection to her experimentation. He brought her to his home at Doom Manor with his other test subjects: Rita Farr, a flamboyant, selfish actress whom he had exposed to special gas to make her body elastic and physically unstable, and Larry Trainor, a quiet and remorseful Air Force test pilot whom the Chief had bound to an alien energy being and made radioactive, necessitating him to wear lead-lined bandages at all times. None of these people knew what the Chief had done to them, and saw him as their savior and friend.[6]

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  • Longevity: Although Kay was a child at some point in her past, at least since the 1970s she appears to be about the same age and appearance.[6] Jane was born sometime around 1950 but still has the appearance and body of a woman in her late twenties to early thirties.[1]
  • Multiple Personalities: Kay Challis has 64 personalities, each with its own unique ability.



  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Doom Patrol and is an adaptation of Crazy Jane. The original character was created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case and first appeared in Doom Patrol (Volume 2) #19.
  • The character is portrayed by Diane Guerrero, and by Skye Roberts in flashbacks, and as the Kay Challis persona. When in the Underground, her personalities were portrayed by various actors, including:
    • Sarah Borne as Baby Doll
    • Ana Aguilar as The Balladeer
    • Helen Abell as Black Annis
    • Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Driver 8, Karen
    • David A. MacDonald as Daddy
    • Catherine Carlen as Doctor Harrison
    • Shay Mack as Driller Bill
    • Stephanie Czajkowski as Hammerhead
    • Bethany Kasulas as Jack Straw
    • Tara Lee as Lucy Fugue
    • Samantha Marie Ware as Miranda
    • Anna Lore as Penny Farthing
    • Hannah Alline as Pretty Polly
    • Jackie Goldston as The Secretary
    • Chelsea Alana Rivera as Silver Tongue
    • Monica Louwerens as The Sisters
  • Though not confirmed within the show, Diane Guerrero has hinted that she herself considers the Jane personality to be homosexual.[7] [8]
  • Jane, as Karen, was briefly engaged to a man named Doug. [9]
  • Jane is Doom Manor's voicemail.[9]



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