Not much is known of Jane's early life. Through flashbacks, it is shown that she was born and raised in Arkansas, sometime around 1950. Her father is revealed to have been sexually abusive which is the cause for her numerous personalities.

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  • Longevity: Although Kay was a child at some point in her past, at least since the 1970s she appears to be about the same age and appearance.[2]. Jane was born sometime around 1950 but still has the appearance and body of a woman in her late twenties to early thirties.[3]
  • Multiple Personalities: Kay Challis has 64 personalities, each with its own unique ability.
    • Baby Doll
    • Crazy Jane
    • Dr. Harrison (Mind Control)
    • Flit (Teleportation)
    • Hammerhead (Superhuman Strength)
    • Karen (Mind Control): The ability to make people love her, whether it be romantic love or just friendship.
    • Katy (Pyrokinesis and Flight)
    • Lucy Fugue (Electrokinesis)
    • Penny Farthing
    • Silver Tounge (Energy Construct Creation): Solid, sharp and moldable silver words and objects
    • Sun Daddy (Size Alteration): Become a big sun-woman
    • Sylvia
    • The Hangman's Daughter (Psychic Link)
    • The Wall-Crawler (Adhesion)
    • Personalities still in "The Underground" (unknown abilities): Bizzie Lizzie Borden; Black Annis; Blood of the Lamb; Bubble; Driller Bill; Driver 8; Jack Straw; Jeann; Jill-In-Irons; K-5; Kit W'the Canstick; Lady Purple; Liza Radley; Mama Pentecost; Merry Andrew; Miranda; Pretty Polly; Rain Brain; Sex Bomb; Stigmata; The Shapeless Children; The Signalman; The Sin Eater; The Snow Queen; The Weird Sisters; Unknown Girl, Scarlet Harlot; Unknown Gladiator (unnamed)




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