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Quote1 I fucking survive the tidal wave of bullshit that hits us every single fucking day. I'm the one who deals with it. When one of you loses their shit, I'm the one who has to clean up the mess afterwards. When we have to wake up and do it all over again, and again, and again, I'm the one who bounces back. Quote2
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Crazy Jane is an aggressive, closed-off member of the Doom Patrol, and the primary persona of Kay Challis, a woman with sixty-four unique personalities each granted a unique metahuman ability by Niles Caulder. After managing to put the puzzle together and come to terms with herself, Kay merged with all the personalities into a single being called Kaleidoscope.[2]

Early Life

Kay Challis Titans TV Series 0015

Young Kay Challis

Kay Challis was born on a farm in Arkansas in 1950 to Elena and Arthur Challis, the latter of whom was a cruel father, physically and sexually abusing her as a child. Whenever Kay misbehaved in any way, her father would force her to sit in a bucket and be lowered down into the farm's well as a punishment. During one of these times, Kay dropped her favorite stuffed animal Harry, which acted as a particularly traumatizing memory. Her only happy times were with her grandmother Jane, who she would be taken by Elena to visit when she couldn't stand her husband anymore for brief periods of time, always taking them back. Eventually, Kay's mind fractured from all the abuse, developing multiple personalities to cope with her lost innocence. The personalities, distinct from one another and inhabiting a construct within Kay's mind called "The Underground", vowed to defend Kay - the original personality and the body they inhabited - by any means necessary.[4][5][6][7]

Age of Miranda

Kay Challis Titans TV Series 0019


When Kay was a teenager, her pious Christian mother, struggling to understand the psychological damage that had been done to her daughter, interpreted the multiple personalities as a demon inhabiting her daughter and held an exorcism for Kay at the local church. To avoid the scorn and hatred of the ritual being thrown her way, Kay retreated into the Underground, this time for good, assigning a new "primary" personality named "Miranda", a quiet but kind and clever woman. She faked being exorcised and praised God to stop the ritual, and was taken back home. But even with Miranda as the new primary, she still couldn't escape her father's abuse. Eventually, when he sent her to the well again, Miranda left a note for him in the well, climbed out, and ran away. She grew up on the streets, and eventually, at 19, found a job as a waitress.

In 1969, Miranda met a charming young street musician named Johnny Bills. The two struck up a bond rather quickly, and began dating, albeit taking it slow as per Miranda'a request. The two moved in together three years later, having developed a close and healthy sexual and emotional relationship. However, Johnny felt their relationship had plateaued and secretly organized a swinger party at their new home in the hopes of "moving forward" in their relationship. When Miranda was pressured into joining in, she had violent flashbacks to being sexually assaulted by Kay's father, prompting her to quickly retreat to the Underground. Having felt that she failed in keeping Kay safe, Miranda threw herself into the Underground's representation of the well, effectively killing the personality.[8]

Birth of Crazy Jane

When Kay's body awoke, a new personality had become the primary - one that was more brazen, outspoken, and rebellious, albeit more emotionally unstable. Named "Jane" after Kay's kind grandmother, she promptly walked out of Johnny and never returned, going out to live on her own as an aggressive and rebellious free spirit. She was eventually taken to a mental institution, but escaped on multiple occasions, only to be recaptured each time. Because of this, as well as the institution's orderlies' love for beating and abusing her and the other patients, Jane developed a serious anti-establishment mentality.[8]

In 1976, on one of her final visits to the institution, she was experimented on by the doctors there as part of her "treatment" on secret orders of scientist Niles Caulder, injecting her with chemicals in an effort to find the correct concoction for immortality. Niles' experiment was a success, and Jane was granted an extended life, all of Kay's sixty-four other personalities developed metahuman powers of their own, the powers of the persona in control transferring to Kay's body.

While in the institution, a telepathic but insane persona named "Doctor Harrison" was visited from the future by a time-travelling Mister Nobody, who helped her create the Cult of the Rewritten Book to save the world in the future, using the institution's patients, and even some of the staff, as members, lying in wait for the day they would save the world.[9]

A New Beginning

Eventually, Jane was retrieved from the institution by Caulder, who she would come to know as "the Chief". He presented himself as a kindly uncle-like figure, not mentioning his connection to her experimentation. He brought her to his home at Doom Manor with his other test subjects: Rita Farr, a flamboyant, selfish actress whom he had exposed to special gas to make her body elastic and physically unstable, and Larry Trainor, a quiet and remorseful Air Force test pilot whom the Chief had bound to an alien energy being and made radioactive, necessitating him to wear lead-lined bandages at all times. None of these people knew what the Chief had done to them, and saw him as their savior and friend.[9]

Kay Challis Doom Patrol TV Series 003

A new Friend

Upon returning to the manor, Jane met Cliff Steele, a man who lost his body and his brain was placed in a robotic body. Hammerhead took control to taunt Cliff. Soon after, Jane took control to speak to Cliff, as she wanted to apologize for Hammerhead's behavior. They both started talking and became friends.[10]

Search for the Chief

Doom Patrol (TV Series) Episode Pilot

Jane and the team unite

After Niles left the manor, Jane convinced the team to visit Cloverton. Jane accompanied Cliff to buy a gift, since today was the birthday of her daughter, Clara Steele. Jane argued with Cliff, as she wanted to prove that her daughter was alive, but he refused. After Cliff reassured Rita, the team returned to the manor due to causing a disaster. The team agreed to leave town to prevent Caulder's enemies from arriving, but Jane convinced everyone to support Cliff in his idea of ​​being superheroes, but everything went wrong, as Niles' old enemy, Mister Nobody, appeared creating a hole in the city.[10]

To save Niles, Jane sacrificed herself by entering the hole and later exiting an albino donkey. Because the experience on the donkey was traumatic, the personalities were changed until Baby Doll, who met Cyborg, aka Victor Stone, a superhero and a friend of Niles. Baby Doll turned into Sun Daddy to attack Vic, but then turned into Hammerhead to fight Cliff until the duo managed to calm her down. After recovering with Cliff's help, Jane made a painting of Cyborg killing everyone, which was the thing she saw on the donkey.[11][4]

Kay Challis Doom Patrol TV Series 005

"What the fuck is the Doom Patrol?"

The team began a search to find the Chief starting in Paraguay, where they had to confront Heinrich Von Fuchs, a Nazi scientist, whom Jane murdered. Seeing Cliff kill people in Paraguay, Jane took a break for Hammerhead to take over. The team helped Willoughby Kipling, a master of the mystical arts and friend of Niles, stop the Cult of the Unwritten Book. Doctor Harrison and Cliff were tasked with ringing the Nürnheim bell to help summon the Recreator. Jane took control again, but out of nowhere a memory came to her about finding the Doom Patrol, a group of superheroes led by Niles in the 1950s. Jane, Larry, and Rita met Joshua Clay, the caretaker of the Doom Patrol, who explained that when the team lost to Nobody, Niles abandoned them, and Caulder had planned to put Jane at the base of the Doom Patrol.[12][13][9][14]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Jane Patrol

Jane overcomes her fear

Jane was still dealing with the truth, but everything got worse when Cliff called for group therapy, which caused she to leave the manor, and Karen to take control. Karen tried to find her boyfriend, Doug, to marry him, but everything went wrong when Cliff avoided the wedding and Karen was taken to the Underground while Kay's body was left unconscious. Jane was scolded by the others because they were all upset about helping her friends, so they sent Jane to find the Sisters. Jane was found by Cliff and Penny Farthing, and despite Cliff's words, Jane refused her help. Upon reaching the Well, Jane planned to jump in, but Cliff came to save her until Daddy manifested. After seeing how Cliff was split in half, Jane finally got over her fear of Daddy by managing to return him to the Well and together with Cliff, they left the Underground.[4][15][5]

Stronger than ever, Jane motivated everyone to find Niles, but they were all busy. After Flit took Cliff and Rita to Florida, Jane went with Vic to find Dolores Mentallo, a woman connected to Flex Mentallo, the beach hero and the person who would help them save Niles. Jane lost Vic, as he had been kidnapped by the Bureau of Normalcy, so she returned to manor for the team to help Silas Stone, Vic's father, to save his friend. The team managed to rescue Vic and find Flex, who had no memory of his life, so Jane and Cliff tried to restore his memory, but Flex managed to regain his powers due to the death of Dolores.[16][17][18]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Penultimate Patrol

The truth is revealed

Eventually, the team and Flex traveled to Danny the Street to travel to White Space, where they would find Niles and Nobody. Jane was transported by Nobody to the day the personalities were born, but Jane accepted the other personas and Doctor Harrison entered the White Space to talk to Nobody about her problems. After finding Niles, the team decided to become superheroes, but it was all an illusion made by Nobody. The team found out that Niles was responsible for everything that happened to them, this made the group feel betrayal and hatred for the Chief. Returning to manor, the team decided to separate.[19][20]

The Return of Miranda

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Ezekiel Patrol

The team is back together

Jane started taking drugs made by Joshua Clay to calm other personas. Later, the team was lured back to Doom Manor by Mister Nobody for a second revenge scheme, having kidnapped Danny and the Chief's daughter, Dorothy Spinner, a naive but powerful girl able to bring her imaginary friends to life, including a dangerous, potentially world-ending one called the Candlemaker. Dorothy had been the reason for Caulder's immortality experiments, wanting to outlive her to protect the world from the Candlemaker. Jane and the team immediately agreed, so they traveled to the painting, where they faced off against a giant cockroach and a giant rat. After finding Dorothy, Jane and the team made it out of the painting, but the entire team, except Larry, ended up in miniature size. A few weeks later, Jane was still having trouble with the others until Willoughby Kipling cast a spell to grow the team, but at the cost of Niles surrendering his longevity talisman, causing Caulder to begin to die.[20][21]

Kay Challis Doom Patrol TV Series 006

Problems in the Underground

Because her drugs ended, Jane stayed in the manor to help the Chief continue to live so he can help her with her problem. Jane, Rita, and Cliff tried to get death-preventing material from the Continuinium, but had to take it from the head of Doctor Tyme, a time traveler dancer, but were unable to get the material. The personas were upset with Jane because of her behavior, so they tried to do group therapy, but Jane kept avoiding questions. Jane argued with Doctor Harrison about the friendship she has with her friends. Because Jane was not going to accept, the personas decided to put her in a cell so that everyone could get out. Scarlet Harlot, a sexual personality, had fun at the party in the manor to revive Danny until Doctor Harrison took control because Kay could die because Shadowy Mister Evans, a sex demon, was going to end all children of the planet, so Hammerhead bravely went to stop Evans from coming. Because being the host of the body was very complicated, the personas released Jane.[22][23][24]

Kay Challis Doom Patrol TV Series 007

Miranda returns

Temporarily, Baby Doll took over for fun while Jane was dealing with the others. Baby Doll formed a friendship with Dorothy, since they were both girls. Baby Doll tried to touch Manny, a imaginary friend of Dorothy, but this angered Dorothy, causing Jane to regain control. Because Dorothy no longer wanted to play, Baby Doll regained control to attack Dorothy, but she used Manny to defend herself until Sun Daddy came out and killed Manny, this caused Dorothy to make a wish to Candlemaker to go to the Underground. and successfully assassinate Baby Doll and Sun Daddy. Due to Candlemaker's attack, all the personalities led Baby Doll and Sun Daddy to the Well, but Jane tried to calm them all down. The personas saw how unexpectedly, Miranda appeared alive, who revealed that the Well would heal Baby Doll and Sun Daddy, this made everyone trust, and Miranda took control, but in reality Miranda was Daddy.[25][26][8]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Wax Patrol

The deception continues

To keep everything under control, Miranda helped Jane's friends investigate a pink gas that came out of the Painting That Ate Paris. Miranda was the only one who was not infected by the pink gas, which came from the Scants, a race of pink creatures who used the gas to give people bad ideas. The team helped Kipling assassinate the Scant Queen. Jane began to investigate Miranda and her arrival, so she traveled to her old house to enter the Well with the help of Larry to get Kay's stuffed animal, Harry, but Jane was traumatized by the past and Miranda took control again, since she started killing various personalities. To continue her deception, Miranda helped the team travel to a fair to rescue Niles and Dorothy from Candlemaker, but Miranda was sent to the Underground, as they all became suspicious. While Jane found out that Miranda was Daddy, the real Daddy revealed himself as Miranda and had controlled all people and spoke to Kay, to whom he revealed his true identity.[27][6][8][28]

Kay Challis Doom Patrol TV Series 008

Stronger united

Jane left the Well to save Kay and the others, but Daddy already had them all under control. When confronted with Daddy, Jane ended up being controlled due to not having enough strength. Kay managed to free herself by taking Harry and released Jane from Daddy's control. Jane had to escape in a helicopter to regain control, but Daddy found them until all the personas broke free and helped Jane to rise. By destroying Daddy, Jane reverted to being the main host and returned to her friends. The personalities ate Daddy and celebrated that now they are more united. Later, Jane said goodbye to Niles' body while Dorothy left with Danny, who became an ambulance.[28]

Problems in the Underground

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Vacay Patrol

The team reconciles

Jane stayed in the Underground, since all was in peace, but Kay convinced Jane to go on vacation with the team. The team traveled to Codsville to forget Niles, but Jane still remembered the Chief. While having lunch, the group became aware of the presence of Garguax, an alien villain and an enemy of Niles, but no one except for Vic wanted to do something about it, forcing everyone to separate and then reconcile by dancing, but they were kille by Garguax's henchman, Samuelson. In the aftermath, she met Jane, Kay's grandmother, who was Kay's inspiration to create Jane's personality. Jane, Vic, Cliff, and Rita managed to revive with the help of Larry and the Dead Boy Detective Agency. Later, the group was visited by Laura De Mille, a time traveler who had no recollection of her past, but could not help as they had turned into Zombies. The group helped Kipling recover Niles' head from the hands of Darren Jones, a former agent of the Bureau of Normalcy, and his army of Butts, to return to normalcy.[29][7][30]

Kay Challis Doom Patrol TV Series 009

Free for a day

Jane was upset because she wanted everyone to accept that Kay could come up. To make Laura leave, the team agreed to go after the Sisterhood of Dada, a group of artistic villains, who were planning something called the Eternal Flagellation. Jane met Shelley Byron, a metahuman with fog powers and the leader of the sisterhood, with whom she began to feel romantic feelings. Because Cliff had mentioned Laura, the team was thrown out of Shelley's mind. Unbeknownst to the personas, Kay finally got on and rode a bike for the first time while having fun, but this angered Doctor Harrison, who was threatening Jane. Kay's happiness left because Doctor Harrison kicked her bike.[31][32][33][34]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Evil Patrol

Kay comes out of the Underground

All the personas were against Jane for trying to help Kay up. Jane left the Underground due to the Eternal Flagellation starting and they found out that Laura was a villain and that Rita joined the sisterhood. The team was sent to different embarrassing memories, but Jane became a puppet alongside the others in Kay's subconscious. Kay along with friends's subconscious Cliff, Larry, and General Tony, which was Vic's subconscious, stayed in the manor to wait for the flagellation to end while Jane and her friends came out of their subconscious. Upon learning that Kay hated everyone, Jane was enraged and the flagellation could end. Since they were all gone, Kay officially went upstairs to help the team confront Laura and The Brain, the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil. Because things got out of hand, Kay returned to the Underground for Jane to help Rita, Vic, and Larry save Cliff, but they learned that Rita only wanted revenge on Laura. In the Underground, Kay was attacked by a mysterious force, which caused her and Jane to cause a sonic scream causing the Doom Bus to be destroyed.[34][35][36]

Doom Patrol Doom Patrol TV Series 006

A new team of superheroes

The team managed to survive the explosion, but Jane, Larry, and Vic were sent to Shelley's mind. There, she found out that all the people went there, as Kay no longer needed them, but they all died because they required to be in the Underground. Jane gave her host position to Doctor Harrison to return to Kay's mind. After flirting with Shelley, Jane tried to help Cliff stop as he lost control of his new giant body, but Rita managed to stop Cliff. At the manor, Jane and the team, including Laura, agreed to become the new Doom Patrol to combat different strange threats that threaten the world, but Jane had a problem and it was to give her position to Harrison and Harrison took over as host.[32][37]

Finding a Purpose

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Doom Patrol

Adventures with the Doom Patrol

Serving as a member of the Doom Patrol, Harrison helped use his powers on various missions, receiving the code name of Jane: Crazy Jane; making the disgusting criminal, Codpiece, surrender, while studying his teammates' behaviors for their psychological issues and helping The Underground search for Kay, unlike Jane, who was resting from her troubles at Grandma Kay's cabin. Harrison and the Doom Patrol decided to go to Florida to celebrate Cliff's new found feeling, though the team ended up traveling to 2042, where the planet had been destroyed by the Buttpocalypse, a world destroyed by the Zombie Butts, meeting a future Vic.[37]

Harrison met her future self, discovering that Kay had died in the future from being in the manor, before rushing back to 2022 to prevent the grim future. Knowing what happened, Jane was back in control when she saw Kay "destroy" Harrison, leaving behind a simple puzzle, before initiating the plan with the team, accompanying Vic on a mission to get the last Zombie Butt from the Butt Hunter, and thanks to Vic's talk with Kay, Jane learned that she had to find a new purpose. Jane was still trying to figure out the mystery of Harrison, before meeting Shelley again, who made her feel a new feeling of love, making Jane happy, telling her new feeling to Cliff while they went with Larry and his new "friend" of elements, Mister 104, to save Rita from the hands of the dangerous Doctor Janus.[37][1][38]

Kay Challis Doom Patrol TV Series 010

A new feel called Love

Jane began masturbating to her newfound feelings until being called into action by Kipling to stop the inter-dimensional deity, Immortus, and his allies, though they were turned into teenagers by a spell of youth, an opportunity Jane used to enjoy herself until being a baby, causing the Knights Templar to take her longevity to protect her from Immortus, returning the Doom Patrol to normal. Knowing that she lost her longevity and began to age, Jane decided to look for Shelley, trying to start a romantic relationship, failing due to her doubts, but was advised by Cliff to let herself be loved, and the duo headed to the Orqwith realm to stop the rise of Immortus, but they were captured by the Scissormen.[39][40]

While held captive in a prison in Orqwith, Jane, Cliff, Vic and his best friend, Deric Hayes, managed to escape the Scissormen together, devising a plan, with Vic and Deric heading to save Larry while Jane and Cliff were tasked with recovering her stolen longevity. Jane threatened the Immortus cult to kill Cliff if they did not restore her longevity, however, Wally Sage, the cult's shadowy leader, offered Cliff a world of possibilities if he gave up his longevity, promising that Immortus could make him around to watch his grandson, Rory Steele, grow up, but Jane tried to warn her friend not to accept the offer, but despite Jane's pleas, Cliff agreed to give his longevity to the deity.[41]

Kay Challis Doom Patrol TV Series 012

Meeting an Equal

The Doom Patrol gathered in the sacrarium, forced to witness the rise of Immortus, who returned possessing the body of Rita's arch-rival, Isabel Feathers, who destroyed Orqwith. Returned to the manor, the Doom Patrol considered leaving Isabel, not considering her a dangerous threat, blaming Cliff for losing the team's longevity. Jane began to lose her way to The Underground, hearing the voices of different girls, before meeting the cheerful and fictional superheroine who came to life thanks to Dorothy, Space Case, real name Casey Brinke, with whom Jane formed a bond by being equals, inviting her to the parade in which she and the Doom Patrol would be honored as heroes, however, Isabel sent the team to a musical reality called Immortimas to be praised, where Jane and Casey showed romantic feelings, but Jane continued to refuse before the team was returned to reality after being warned that they were doomed.[41][42][43]

Kay Challis Doom Patrol TV Series 013

Becoming in the Kaleidoscope

After Casey's departure, Jane spent time thinking about her and her moment of happiness, unlocking the ability to finish putting together the puzzle, which she was unable to complete after seeing that all The Underground personas had disappeared while suffering from hallucinations of Arthur Challis. The Doom Patrol, rejecting Laura's idea of ​​regaining their longevity, shared a moment of nostalgia as they remembered old adventures, causing Jane's puzzle to begin to solve, however, with Rita in danger of dying, the team reunited with Laura and the improved Cyborg to defeat Immortus, being confronted by numerous Butts led by the vengeful Butt, Teddy. Thrown into the Timestream, Vic and Keeg commissioned the team with traveling between portals to regain their longevity, with Jane and Larry together in 1996, where she was able to reunite with Niles, who showed that he never gave up on her to make her happy, inspiring Jane to reconcile with Kay and the personalities, recognizing that they are all one. Upon completing the puzzle, all personalities left the destroyed The Underground to ascend to a new world, merging together with Jane, who became the Kaleidoscope for them all.[44][2]

Kay Challis Doom Patrol TV Series 014

Forming a true relationship

Returned to the present, the Doom Patrol fought against Immortus and the Butts, who became friends over their passion for musicals, disappearing in the Cloverton theater, an opportunity that the heroes used to escape and celebrate their victory, regaining their longevity when the reformed Immortus granted the Doom Patrol his toenails to regain their youth, except for Rita, who died before regaining her longevity. After Rita's funeral, the Doom Patrol had the decision to retire to be better people and achieve their happiness, an opportunity that Jane used to think about buying an apartment and doing her paintings, saying goodbye to Cliff, whom she told him that he was not broken. With the Doom Manor abandoned, Jane was able to reunite with Casey, who was looking for the Icarus II ship to begin a space trip, a suggestion that Jane accepted to accompany her, painting her paintings on the ship to remember her family and begin a love relationship with Casey, finding her purpose and peace.[3]


  • Longevity: Although Kay was a child at some point in her past, at least since the 1970s she appears to be about the same age and appearance.[9] Jane was born sometime around 1950 but still has the appearance and body of a woman in her late twenties to early thirties.[4]
  • Multiple Personalities: Kay Challis has 64 personalities, each with its own unique ability.


Other Characteristics


  • Doom Patrol Bus (Formerly)
  • Shipley (Formerly)
  • Cliff's Second Body (Formerly)
  • Cliff Steele's Car (Formerly)
  • Icarus II

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Doom Patrol and is an adaptation of Crazy Jane. The original character was created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case and first appeared in Doom Patrol (Volume 2) #19.
  • Crazy Jane is portrayed by Diane Guerrero and by Skye Roberts in flashbacks, and as the Kay Challis persona. When in the Underground, her personalities were portrayed by various actors, including:
    • Sarah Borne as Baby Doll
    • Ana Aguilar as The Balladeer
    • Helen Abell as Black Annis
    • Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Driver 8, Karen
    • David A. MacDonald as Daddy
    • Catherine Carlen as Doctor Harrison
    • Shay Mack as Driller Bill
    • Stephanie Czajkowski as Hammerhead
    • Bethany Kasulas as Jack Straw
    • Tara Lee as Lucy Fugue
    • Samantha Marie Ware as Miranda
    • Anna Lore as Penny Farthing
    • Hannah Alline as Pretty Polly
    • Jackie Goldston as The Secretary
    • Chelsea Alana Rivera as Silver Tongue
    • Monica Louwerens as The Sisters
  • Jane, as Karen, was briefly engaged to a man named Doug Calhoun.[15]
  • Jane is Doom Manor's voicemail.[15]
  • Though only hinted at within the show, Diane Guerrero has hinted that she herself considers the Jane personality to be homosexual.[32][45] [46]


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