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Quote1.png And there is a treatment for my condition, but a "cure" has yet to be discovered. I will possibly deal with this my whole life. I've accepted that ... we've accepted that ... I'd love for you to do the same. Quote2.png
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Jane is a member of the Doom Patrol that can change super powers based on what alternate personality she is.


Following a traumatic experience in her childhood, Kay Challis developed a multiple personality disorder, designing a new dominant personality named Jane. Each of her many personalities would then be given their own super power after Challis was exposed to a Gene Bomb during an alien invasion.[1]

Sometime in her adult life, Jane would meet Robotman and become a member of the Doom Patrol, working to stop the Scissormen and other surreal disasters.[2]

Brick by Brick

After leaving the Doom Patrol, Jane and Danny the Brick traveled the cosmos together until they were accidentally forced into the murder of intergalactic gods. This experience further traumatized Jane and summoned a new persona named Dr. Harrison, who then became the new dominant personality. Harrison had seized complete control of Challis' body after the trauma and forced the other personalities into hiding within the depths of Jane's mind called the Underground as she sought to become the only personality.

Pretending to be the real "Jane", Dr. Harrison used her powers of mind-control to start a cult in a desert city in New Mexico that she named "Janestown". Dr. Harrison operated for an extended amount of time, attempting to build another Gene Bomb she thought would eradicate the other personalities.

Sometime later, Jane was rediscovered after Danny the Street and Casey Brinke reassembled the Doom Patrol. Danny, after being rescued from Vectra, sent the team to Janestown to free Jane from Dr. Harrison, only to learn that Jane was intending on making a power play on the antagonistic personality anyway. After the Gene Bomb that Dr. Harrison had constructed turned out to be a fake designed by Jane, Harrison was removed from Challis' mind, allowing Jane to retake control and rejoin the Doom Patrol.[1]

Doomsday Clock

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After Superman is framed and rendered comatose, Jane joined the group of heroes heading towards Mars to confront their mysterious enemy. The heroes meet and engage Doctor Manhattan, but they are easily defeated.[3]


  • Multiple Personalities: After exposure from a Gene Bomb during an invasion from the Dominators, Jane's multiple personalities were each given their own unique super powers that activated when they were in control. These personalities live in Jane's mind, represented as a subway line called "the Underground", where each personality is assigned a station for the "subway" to stop at.[1]
    • Hangman's Beautiful Daughter: The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter is an artist who can activate all art, including comic books. Her power exposed the Justice League of America to Retconn's reality tampering to free them from the sabotage.[4]
    • Lady Purple: According to Jane, the personality Lady Purple can see the future.[5]
    • Dr. Harrison (Formerly): The personality "Dr. Harrison" had the power of intense, widespread mind-control. She was an evil personality that attempted to seize total control of Challis' body. She was eventually tricked into eradicating herself by a fake Gene Bomb by the other personalities.[1]
    • Rain Brain: A personality that wanders the stations uttering short phrases and jumbled up mumbling. She can often be seen riding the train.

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